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Who had the ridiculous idea of fun during the game leads to success?

Oh I'm tired of saying stupid Brett advertisers Favre or Tom Brady plays out is fun. These players make millions has nothing to do with pleasure. My football team high school got its tail kicked every Friday night we had fun and did not win one stinking game all season for the fun does not lead to success.

OK, let's examine your question. Playing "the game"? What game is what? Some games are more willing to amuse others. So we must continue the analysis in general, rather than a game, then we analyze what it means success. This means different things to different people. If you play a game of chess with his daughter ten years, success means finding fun, learn to plan ahead, how to defend their own king, how to set up an attack, etc. If, however First, you are a professional chess player in a tournament, success probably means winning the game on high school football coach his job depended on him to win games, not their players enjoy the game. He found it hard to be happy when the team lost because it worsened concern about the continuity of employment. Another observation: for some people games, success is to have fun, like playing chess between father and daughter. Winners and losers are secondary matters. The ideal resolution would be to have fun while win, if victory is the goal. If you've ever seen Michael Jordan tongue while driving his opponent on the way to the rim, cracked and running Backup court smiling all the way, high-fiving Scottie Pippen, who understands that fact of the greatest players of all games have the most fun are the most successful.

Nokia 3120 - a unique blend of fun and function

A feature rich stylish handset with a sophisticated metallic finish Nokia 3120 for you. A resolution of the high matrix color display enhances the pleasure he receives in the use of this phone stylish Nokia mobile. A user-friendly interface allows a user to access the interesting and "fun" options that are part of this model amazing mobile phone - all at a click of some buttons.

Indeed, the fun never stops with 3120 mobile. This a camera in an innovative model, by which it can capture fleeting moments of life and build beautiful memories. Images can be shared with others in the form of MMS messages with the Nokia 3120 can make friends and family aware of some of the most memorable moments life. Not only that, it is possible to reduce the message size by reducing the image size to a size smaller. Very innovative, is not it?

The headset can be personalized by downloading polyphonic ringtones, animated screensavers, Java games can be so enjoy all this and more on screen colors. Wallpaper and screen savers color are preinstalled on the mobile phone a user to start this wonderful experience.

However, he is just pleased that we are talking about. The Nokia 3120 is also a business. Connectivity is complete. The phone is capable of operating in three groups and can be used in Europe, Africa, Asia-Pacific, North America and South compatible with the networks.

Call management is easy with options that include speed dialing, call waiting, call waiting, call forwarding and call timer. An integrated speakerphone for convenient use of the phone. The Nokia 3120 comes with a XHTML browser so that you can use your phone to surf the web. The graphics are rich and very satisfying experience!

And the best part is the availability of attractive offers in this contract and other Nokia phones. The easy availability of mobile phones Nokia has made available to innovative contract a larger diameter of mobile users in different parts of the world.

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