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What is your favorite Duggar name?

What is your favorite name among all the Duggar children? Choose one of the girls and boys. My favorite name for boys is Levi Jackson. And for girls, I know it's weird, but my favorite is Jinger Nicole. I just think it's super cute and very unique. What are your favorites? If you've forgotten her name, she, they are: Joshua James Jana Marie Michelle John-David Jill Lauren Jessa Jinger Nicole Matthew Garrett Joseph Josiah Joy-Anna Jedidiah Jeremiah Michael Jackson Robert James Jason Andrew Robert Grace Jennifer Levi Justin Samuel Johannah Faith Danielle Jordyn Josie Brooklyn Makiya

I like Jordyn Grace Jackson and Levi Makiya! Also Jinger Nicole loves me, its nice = D

5 strategies for search engine optimization for beginners

optimization of search engines is much easier than you think. Despite what you need to collect certain information about your site, preferably before building your site, once you the correct information you can quickly and easily create a search engine optimized website that will get traffic.

Here are five tips to optimize and submit your site to search engines:

1. Know your market.

This step is absolutely crucial. You need to know exactly is the marketing of your business. If not, you can not generate targeted traffic to your website.

The difference between targeted traffic and untargeted "is evident. targeted traffic comes from those who are interested in your products and services. If you know exactly who is marketing, optimizing your site for this market.

2. Targeting the right keywords.

Target the wrong keywords and you see nobody. Therefore, no good use marketing tools such as doorway pages.

The first thing you have to do is understand what your visitors are looking for.

Keyword you want, can be optimized for, and what your potential customers are doing research, may be different.

Tools such as Good Keywords, http://www.goodkeywords.com can help you find what others are searching for. The more times a keyword or key phrase is looking for the best. To determine if you have a period of benefit to research search engines for the term. Be sure to find the right word.

The more times a term is searched, and the smallest number of sites on search engines, the most lucrative of the term.

3. Learn optimization search engines.

When I started marketing online, I read everything guru purchase banners, advertising, etc. The problem that was only just beginning. I was trying to make money, do not give everything I had.

After becoming a Marketing Optimization search engine, I felt betrayed. Most of these people did not talk about the search engine optimization, and did. They just took techniques of online marketing and adapt the Internet.

SEO is one of those rare marketing techniques that do not the technique appropriate online marketing.

This technical line. Period. If you want to succeed you need to learn. It is not difficult.

A tool that can help Web CEO is http://www.webceo.com. This free software works for both PC and Mac includes all the tools you need to optimize your site, and it's free. It includes even by step documentation to show you the search engine optimization: what works, what you should know and measures to improve its ranking.

Consult the documentation for that software, and you know the most important things you should know about optimizing your site for search engines.

4. Optimize your site for search engines.

Once you've learned the basics optimization of search engines, then it is time to optimize your site for search engines.

To begin, select your keywords. You can use the software Good Keywords to help you.

You should be optimized for no more than three keywords per page.

Once your keywords, connection to your Web site CEO. Remember, you are optimizing pages, not on your site.

Analyze your site and see the changes you need to do. Once you've done that, you can edit and re-upload or download Web site.

5. Submit your site to search engines.

There is some disagreement as to whether or not to submit your site to search engines or if you just have to wait for search engines find.

I stay in the camp that says submit. The reason is that these search engines not always updated as they should, and even if we say you can not go to find your site.

I know because I had a site that MSN had never been found living with a single was related to all other sites and all my other sites were fully included in my MSN.

Only five sites I recommend that you submit, and you must do it manually. Although Web CEO is a presentation tool, it is preferable to submit your site manually.

Then watch my list of places submit your site:

Google - Http: / / www.google.com/addurl/?continue=/addurl MSN / Inktomi - http://submitit.bcentral.com/msnsubmit.htm (Includes Inktomi) MSN - http://beta.search.msn. Com / docs / submit.aspx Yahoo - Http: / / search.yahoo.com / info / submit.html Alexa - http://pages.alexa. en / help / webmasters / Index.html Exactseek - http://www.exactseek.com/add.html

These cover most of the websites. Before sending, there are certain things you should know:

1. Alexa is part of the Google search. You get the best results presented here first. This site also allows you to include a thumbnail image of your site. In addition, the faster indexing.

2. Read the information on each site to be integrated. The best way to learn to trade in any search engine is to read the information provided by the site. You find valuable free advice directly to the source.

3. Once you have submitted your site, forget it. Focused on developing quality content and links to your site.

Once site was built nearly 100 pages, start one on a topic that interests them. Continue to add content to the site or sites already built. Repeat this process and you will achieve success in search engines: targeted traffic, more sales and a reputation for providing a content quality.

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