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HP MFP better?

I will buy an HP multifunction printer (more Brother), based on my personal experiences with HP. I will latest models of inkjet all-in-one (with fax, but if the printer is better and not by fax and at the time). I want high quality, excellent print production, may even be a little slow and noisy, as long as print amazing and has all the features. If you have a fax, it would be even better. All models 2008 published this year or 2007, even? - I also wonder what the costs were to replace the ink cartridges. Currently I have an older model that uses the ink PSC only 2, there is no need to separate magenta, cyan and yellow. How long do these last shots (I've heard they are expensive and do not last long, which is almost I've opted for a Brother MFC). - Make a high quality printer that the Canon Pixma line?

It depends entirely on your budget. There are at least 20 that HP currently sell for just FITT your request, but we have no idea of its budget to isolate it down.

They are winning the battle remanufactured cartridges?

The open battle against the officials of the ink is more expensive than generic ink has become more popular due to a slowing economy. Another reason that has been hard hit has been the trend started by businesses and consumers to print less as a way to save money.

To illustrate, consider the battle of HP, for example, that on Wednesday shared their financial news. His division of printer ink and was seriously injured, sales fell 19 percent 6 billion dollars. This includes a decrease of 7 percent of supply, an area generally strong that it includes things like ink cartridges, which are among the largest Moneymakers HP. "

This shows us the battle was won due to several factors. One, consumers are the price of OEM cartridges significantly higher than cheaper generic or remanufactured cartridges. Two, with more capacity to store and Technology share documents and information on the need to print is becoming less. Three, there is a net increase in stores and online retailers provide a comparative perspective, thus giving consumers the tools to shop smart.

Do not think that is going to let big battle to be awarded. The release of new models faster than older gather dust gives them the opportunity to own the market at least until generic remanufactures catch up. Another war strategy is to ensure the life of the printer using OEM cartridges in the long term that allows consumers save the life of the printer and not have to buy another unit before. Certainly for important documents and photos with OEM cartridge ensures the best quality.

Choose your side, you decide. Inkjetsuperstore.com sense, we propose two options for the original ink OEM toner cartridges and replacement alternatives. We have to win their personal battle is the best low prices!

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