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color control color yarn - Help?

Children I have a mohair shawl deep black dye leaves residue on the hands after touching - No experience to die and I do not know how to put the dye without affecting the color of a deep black lusterous. Experienced Any advice?

Ok, no washer and dryer, for Please, if you want a mountain, and do not need to run out and find sythropol because it is not all that widely available. Fill your kitchen sink clean, close half full of warm water, add about half a teaspoon of liquid detergent in greasecutting and place the water to the mixture. You Do not attempt to foam. Take her shawl, put it in a lingerie bag and put it on the water surface, then press down on the water which is saturated. You can use rubber gloves when you do not get the stain wet hands. Soak until the water is full-time dyeing in bulk (that is, of course, known as bleeding) or the water is cold. Remove the mantle below and put it on the other side of the sink or a plastic bowl so as not to have water everywhere, and let drain. Empty the dirty water in the sink and refilled with fresh water. If there was a shawl in the basin, pour as much water as possible, pushing with your hands. Do not twist shawl out, just do not think that this is much more than drippy sllightly if possible, put it in cold water. If there is still much dye out, add half cup of white vinegar to the water and lift up the mantle of and down several times. If the water becomes darker, well, if not even better. Soak in water to rinse a few minutes, then let the water sink and press the water as possible again. Get out of the sink, refill with cold water and rinse again once more. Now, if you have your own washing machine, put the bag of linegerie shawl and put on the transfer and let the water continue to rotate a minute or two. Exit out of the lingerie bag, should above all wet. Put it into a bed (the bed does not soak) and, with the T rust proof pins, pin gently stretch and applications, setting directly on the mat and let dry. You can then give it a good shake and fast (as you would with a towel when times) to help gather the halo of mohair dry.

What are the squares of the sample?

Crafts are fun experiences that everyone can enjoy, always know as a witness our streets. Of course, we must learn how to chain stitch, the double hook, double-triple crochet, sewing Chevron, clusters, cross stitch, double hook, crossbatch and more. To Start But we can learn to take samples of their seats.

How square sample:
In For crafts, including a variety of sample images stitches and crochet patterns. The craftsmen use a "variety hooks, loops, dots, etc., to complete all projects, however, in this article will work to complete the "Evening News" in Afghanistan. The indicator should complete its Afghan reach 7 1 / 2 inches over 54 seats.

How square sample:
To begin, you have the chain stitch 18 ounces of weight, athletic, dark gray wool, and 14 ounces of pearl gray shade. In the first row crochet in the chain the second point of your hook. point of the string, pass a string, and low in the next chain stitch. Channel colon suture through two channels, low in the next channel and repeat the steps in diameter and up to the end. Turn now and start the second row.

Early in the second row three stitches in the chain hook and double hook initial double in the next section below. Working with three doubles in each its spaces and through the finish to add a point high in the low-end and sew up the chain. Finish with your lap and close the area. Then go to the third row. Combine machine washable wool sport weight, or 11 ounces of colors among the ashes, or rather dark gray gray light gray and blue. Then the chain of three points to start the double hook, double hook, after two points, two points of the chain, skip one point, double hook in following two stitches, and the arrival of work culminates in a final stitch, turn, and close.

Move to inline four add 28 ounces of light gray, ie weight mohair wool and wool blends with your dark gray, medium ash, blue and gray. HI-2 points to start your crochet half double, Go, and half of dual-boot with the two following p. high. Then, each preserving its ties with the hook point chain, and insert your hook on the next point, followed by pulling the loop a couple of times, and the chain through the vein over nine loops. (See Puff sewing) Puff point at its next space and a chain stitch. Repeat the steps for starting off, and half finished working on the last high point of marriage, turn, and seal.

Continue row of five years, adding 28 ounces of dark gray alpaca to your thread. Cadena 3 points from its climax. Double hook in the crown of breath after point pastry, knitting a new half double crochet in the next repeat steps wide, and finally, working at a high point in the half after the double, adding a chain of two points, another strong point final time and close tightly.

Move to the line, add your thread six pale blue-gray and the chain of three points to start point peak. points wide and double hook to the end, turn and swing.

In the line, adding seven dark gray wire and use the points advanced diagonally to make the next stitch, skip one time and repeat large steps at the end and leave a highlight of these last two, turn, and close tightly. Read lines 8-18 to supplement their efforts.

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