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Is the wood treated to putrefaction of no pressure-treated wood when in contact with each other?

I'm building a shed with pressure-treated floor. I was told I could not be kiln dried framing in the floor of pressure treated wood as rot.

His two responses above contain some truth. pressure-treated wood does not cause others to decay. If you have the putrefaction, it came in other elements of wood. treated uprights Pressure is not a good idea. PT is a much smaller category of wood to be used in areas sensitive to moisture contact.

What you should know about the supply of cons-plated for shipbuilding

Plywood is a solid material in several layers of wood. It is also used as material. Although not very attractive, very hard to make a boat. Depending on the thickness of the plywood can withstand in property damage and damages.

The plywood is used in various applications including boat building. It is a wood product made of several sheets of tin or sheet. Suffer the pressing process together, glued and grains that are in multiple directions.

Plywood is a piece of high quality wood that is resistant to:

• cracking
• Pause
• Twist
• deformation
• bending and
• contraction

In the building trade, it is impossible to discuss all types of wood. There community forests in each country is imported timber is also available.

The common rule:

Any timber in the parameters regional success becomes boat-making can be applied.

Although there are characteristics of wood that must be taken consider:

• Weight
• Strength
• resistance to decay

You get wood that meet these requirements. If the designer wants a light boat that Sitka spruce wood, do not white oak. It would double the weight of spruce Sitka. White oak is heavier. Weight affects the performance of the boat. You can use the wood of the same weight and force as an alternative. You must also show to succeed for the manufacture of boats.

When buying wood

First determine the required thickness of Wood material use. The designer should note in material terms or accurate list of the thickness of the wood. The thickness of the wood is generally the first dimension. Dimension is called unilateral. For practical reasons, the designer should provide a specific rule for the dimensions of the lumber yard as:

• 1 "documents relating to four quarters or
• 1 "material 1" NET

When you ask a budget, consider these to your lumber supplier. You can also buy just one big table and want to save documents to review money.


specifying three members of 1 "x 2", the group of these together. You can cut this in a large table size 1 "x 6" + additional margin.

To see this forum, you need a chainsaw. It can be a:

• Table saw or
• radial arm saw

Wood Selection

Select the Royal Council for use after deciding the type wood. large width of the whole is better. Long is great. When the participant needs a '20 long, but the provision is than 12 'may be:

• scarf joint or
• butt joint

The builder must verify your plan to ensure that the seal located in a strategic location.


By using a butt joint and locking rear, a length of two 10 'can be used to 20 "members. It is likely that the joint is the location of the helmet. You bend backwards to will make the joint more difficult. In addition, 12 'and 8' long, 20 "members as well. May be manipulated to locate the curve outside together. Be simplified joint.

To select the right equipment, the manufacturer must verify all options against the plan. The wood for the project ship, which should be experienced. It means removing the wood moisture. This is done to improve their end.

Both methods drying of wood is pre-drying and oven drying. Traits of two methods:

1. Air drying

• It the best method
• Requires a year or longer drying time

2. Drying oven

• It is acceptable if it is performed correctly
• You can leave more moisture in the wood if rushed or
• Remove moisture too in the wood becomes brittle when cooked

If cooked, the timber would be more suitable for shipbuilding. And if the wood contains much Moisture After drying, the wood shrinks or separate. If possible, selection panels have vertical grain cereals also called edge or failure of stock lumber. These plates expand and contract without too much distortion.

Look for wood defects

Defects should be revised. People confuse with defects up. Imperfections affects only the appearance but not the service it provides. Failing irregularity in the wood that can affect the resistance. Sometimes just a single region. Can be cut.

Two types of defects:

• The dressing produced by the
• Those caused by the manner in tree growth

Seasoning defects are caused by the evacuation of moisture and shrinkage. Common defects include verification of seasonings and deformations. defects caused by natural growth will depend the species of wood.

Common natural defects are:

• nodes
• Wood Cross Grain
• Shake
• decomposition and decay

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