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Wedding Photography - kit?

Hey, I do photography in college and have a good understanding of it. However, someone offered me a large sum of money for wedding photos. I have a Nikon D80 and a large tripod. I was thinking of buying a flash is used Metz (hammer style) and a time in advance and cable. The main idea is that when you take photos I'll have a better source of light for pictures with only a few people, also I have an extensive menu of shoes strechy if I have the flash at an angle other than directly from the camera. I just wanted to verify that this is the right material to use for work? Any information We welcome irrelevant. Thank you very much for your time: D Yeah, I just wanted to take the tripod to take pictures of groups of people, like the bridesmaids and portraits group. The Metz flash is also part of my thinking in this direction, and he did not think the internal flash of the D80 was cut?

The masher Metz "Flashes have been the staple of wedding photographers in the digital revolution. Now, we all want CLS Nikon or Canon Ettl. I would say that there is nothing wrong with the D80 and Metz. I shot the event with my D70s and a Sunpak 555 (although now I migrated the D300 and SB-800 and 900). I suggest capturing RAW (raw Rules! ") To give greater flexibility in adjusting curves, and check your histogram to jump Highlights (Enable mode Blinky review). You did not mention the lenses. Most recommended "Fast glass" to use the depth of field to isolate the person and the environment. Also, beware of the church 13-D (dark, dull, sad ...) With the rules of non-flash. The D80 has a very good high ISO capability, but you want to drink too fast - the 50/1.8 is good, the best 1.4 in low light, and can find 85/1.8 or 1.4 is necessary for the range is added (if they let you use the flash, good chance you will not want to go around the altar, either.) The 24-70/2.8 mentioned, but 24mm might not be enough variety of group photos. The 17-55/2.8 is also a popular target for professional marriage. You can rent these lenses before to sink a lot of money on drinks.

Reelmusician - Artist Press Kit coil design!

After reviewing a lot of demos artist press kits and bios as a talent former booking agent with the William Morris Agency and founder of, I decided to write a short article on how to formulate capture artist viable and avoiding eyes bio hype and attracting too much attention from the music industry. As the years passed and technology has increased, You might think the BIOS, press kits and other miscellaneous items written for an artist to improve the press - I think it got easier, but better, I'm still debating. There are truths and principles that must implement its hardware press kit, if you really want to draw attention professionals and a land of real success.

There are not many quick or fast rules because there is not do when creating its biography of the artist. I can tell you from experience that the creation of an artist's kit press is not as easy as believe. Anyone can be your friend or another member of the act of setting up a press kit, but really shines and attracts the attention of your audience is key - not only the creation of what everyone is creating. Believe it or not, I tend to think that many industry executives does not even bother with the passage of the press kits factory artist with CD that came with the avalanche of e-mails on a daily basis. Unfortunately, are probably some very deserving bands in the stack, but if it does not attract your attention or not the conduct of a polite approach to its hardware, then you can forget - incredible reel or not.

As we move forward here, please contact if you have Questions about web design news artist. Many articles, reports, design work, logo and material available there, as well as the possibility of having professional staff to design and write your material press kit artist. To begin, there are dozens of different forms of distribution media kit. It is strongly recommended that you have your files professionally printed with your logo, etc., and do not take the gloss black case that all world uses. I understand that money does not grow on trees, and if you're cash tight, then you might consider a dull color other than black blue, yellow, red, or variations, etc. From this idea, we'll see the logo. Do you or your group currently has a logo? - If this is not you. Logos are increasingly important in defining the act today. Logos also help create the environment for the tone of what you or your group. Logo designs are fairly cheap and the software is there that is of great help in achieving some popular models professional. Your logo must be printed on the front of almost everything that his name is - from the deck of the press kit CD cover, bio, etc.

When Looking at the premiere of his biography, it almost seems a daunting task for the flavor and the right tone and not verbalized so that they fit together, provide a basis to tell your readers why you need to look beyond his act, and act in such a way that does not turn off your player. This a common theme among those who are serious about a press kit and powerful group not only have something to transmit. I assure you that if you implement some of these ideas and then to reading and new ideas at to be on track to ensure the quality, catchy promotional packages.

In practice, he begins to read as much material as you can, either online or in print, written by gleaning ideas guidance and art direction in the course of the artist-rendered. I will tell you that because of the simple position and the presence of contract case, you will find a little harder to write his biography. It is much easier when you can talk about dates play a major Top 40 acts, individual or his own freedom, etc., when you start - I am very aware. I recommend the professional bio written before his career. professional writers who write biographies and press kits tend to have a better idea of how to address some weaknesses solid writing, so most artists members of the band. When they are in the field of writing and make someone look good on paper, with little name recognition to zero, you get a good idea and the choice of verbiage.

What should you include in your biography of the artist? Include the name of the act in High Fat - not Fartsy as artistic style that people can not read the name or the main body of the bio for this question. Enter the dates they play an important, simple, the game air high (number of successes) and where members of the band and nothing of any player who exudes credentials. Remember to include Upcoming release dates, booking solid future, the manager of an artist if they have credible acts in support of its credibility, the length of the strip and, if more than one year, and the kind of music. Do not spend much time choosing the style of music well and do not understand that you were the president of the school choir and any other information not consecutive. It is better to have a short biography, which extend to information that nobody cares. The fact came from a village or a region may be important for some unknown reasons here, but otherwise not not included. Excluding local fundraising game itself is not a very important regional competition. You get the idea - Do not include anything you think that the reader can read and say: "So what."

Finally, and more could be written here, but for reasons of time and duration of this article, I leave you with that less is more, do not use the same tired old color files, and be aware of what is really important when writing his biography of the artist. Let your creativity is surrounded by the readability of the user, without using a lot of superfluous or unnecessary hype but remains in support or highlight and begin to see the press releases and biographies of several to gather ideas.

About the Author

Mr Gauger is a former talent booking agent with the William Morris Agency and founder of You may contact the author at Free e-books "The Jingle Singer's Guide," and "Secrets To Great Song Demos," may be downloaded at


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