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Survival Kit new family: More options for disaster preparedness

The survival kit of four people in a canvas bag is the most new addition to range of products. Designed with families in mind. Statistically only 32% of Americans are prepared for disasters and the number of these people may be very small loan. Having the right equipment to evacuate the shelter in place or live elements can become reality if a strike by natural disasters or man.

Games Online Lifeline is based in Southern California, where the earthquakes are a fact of life, so that the owners of the company Chad Allen and Scott Kastner spend countless hours to find the best, most essential elements for your new set of 4. This kit is a great addition survival kits to shop online and point of sale West Hills, California.

A man can live a few days without water so after a disaster, the water becomes very valuable. Most survival kits on the market have very little water in them, which can put a person at risk dehydration. The new kit for 4 people has twice as much water for most kits, and collection bags for water storage and tablets water purification. These features make it the best chance of survival. The kit also has enough rations for emergency food after a disaster is easy obtaining enough calories to maintain energy levels up. There are 90 items in this new kit packaged so that it is a set Full of great value.

Everyone should start by having a contingency plan. Your emergency plan should include following:

  • Buy at least a survival kit for each family member or kits that provide more than one person. Reservations sufficient for each person for at least 72 hours. You must have equipment in your home, car, work and school for your child.
  • Decide where your family come together to be separated. The best thing is to have two meeting places in case you need to evacuate your area.
  • Maintain a list of emergency numbers and provide the list each family member.
  • Choose a State of the friend or relative who family members call after an earthquake or any type of disaster to report their condition. Several times, after a disaster phones may not be able to call locally, but you may be able to call someone who is not in the local area.
  • Know the safest place in each room. In tables robust, offices, or against an inside wall
  • Know hazard areas. widgets, mirrors, hanging, fireplaces and tall furniture.
  • Practice exercises. Physically place yourself and your children in safe places the child and explain why this region is the safest.
  • Find out how to shut off gas, water and electricity if lines are damaged.
  • Participating in training or by the local fire department or Red Cross first aid, CPR classes and preparation disasters, such as CERT.

More than two hundred thousand people have been affected by disasters in 2008. Each year, are a number of Earthquakes, fires, floods, hurricanes and disasters by man, such as chemical spills or terrorist attacks. It is our responsibility to prepare. In We specialize in disaster preparedness and happy to help make your emergency plan. Offer volume discounts, as well as specialists in kits tailored printing equipment, or other special need.

About the Author

Scott Kastner has over 30 years experience in the medical field and have spent extensive hours researching emergency and disaster preparedness.


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