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Where can I purchase an over the counter DNA test kit?

Where can I buy an over the counter over the counter DNA test much how much do they cost:)

Meijer and Rite Aid stores sell the first over-the-counter DNA paternity test kit that costs $29.99.
The kit includes cotton swabs for taking cells from inside the mouth of the baby, mother and a man. Then they have to be sealed in plastic bags, sent with a consent form and $119 laboratory fee. These are sent to Identigene for analysis. The result, which has 99.99% accuracy, can be accessed online after three to five working days.

Chevy Body Kits: 6 Tips to Choose the Right Kit For Your Ride

Chevrolet, the name itself is part of the American heritage. As a manufacturer, they have long been both the largest and most popular vehicle from a company right here at home. For those who drive them, there is no question about the statement you make with that Chevy sports car, or that big GMC truck.

Along with being popular on their history alone, Chevrolet is one company that makes vehicles that are easy to customize. In fact, there is no other manufacturer out there that has such a wide range of aftermarket parts available for their vehicles. With this variety comes a problem though.

Choosing how to customize your Chevrolet vehicle can be quite intimidating. To help you get started, with a new look for your vehicle we have put together this guide to choosing Chevy body kits.

It isn't that any kit won't do. But, understanding a bit about body kits, will help you to make a better choice. By choosing the right kit for your car (or truck) you'll end up with a look that you love and a body kit that stays with your vehicle for its usable lifespan.

Chevy Body Kits: 6 Tips

To give your Chevrolet a new look, a body kit is a great start. No other element so quickly changes the look of your car. Choosing the right kit however, can be difficult. To help you out here are 6 things to consider before you order a body kit for your Chevy vehicle.

1. Make Year and Model: Obviously you'll want to order a kit made for your specific vehicle. This may seem like a no-brainer, but many people order the wrong kit thinking they can customize it to fit. Ensure you order an aftermarket kit that is made to fit your specific vehicle. This will make the whole process much easier.

2. Material the Kit is made Of: There are two basic materials that body kits are made out of: fibreglass and urethane. Urethane is more dent resistant, but if it gets broken it cannot be repaired. Fibreglass on the other hand, will break easier, but can also be repaired. For most people fibreglass is the better choice, but Urethane can also be a good choice if you tend to get a little too close when you drive.

3. The Look You're Going for: Another consideration is will a body kit fit with the look you want. If you're lifting a truck, for example, you wouldn't want the side skirts with your kit. It wouldn't look right. On the other hand if you lowered that same truck, your vehicle wouldn't look right without the side skirts.

4. What the Kit Will Look Like: An easy way to begin searching for your kit is to simply look at pictures of them installed. Check out lists of Chevy body kits, on sites like our own, or on the actual manufacturer's websites to really determine what the finished look will be.

5. Painting your Chevy Body Kit: Another consideration is how you will be painting the kit. Will you be painting it yourself or having a body shop do it? Will the kit be installed and the whole car painted? Or, will it be painted first and then installed. A fibreglass kit is easier to paint, and if you plan on painting it yourself, or installing it with paint already on, these particular kits will be easier to work with.

6. Installation Considerations: Finally you there are a couple of installation considerations before you order your kit. First you need to ensure that the kit comes with the hardware to install it. If it doesn't, order it with the kit. You also need to consider any extra parts you may need. For example some body kits require a dual exhaust. If your current car only has a single exhaust you may need extra parts to make the body kit work.

By considering these factors before purchasing your body kit you enable yourself to make a more informed decision. You're also more likely to choose a kit that will look good and last for years to come!



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