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Use a container pulpwood Beautiful home decor Southwest

The wooden bowl mass has always had a role in the life of the indigenous population Tarahumara. In the northern part of Mexico, the high mountain areas, people have lifestyles and rugged Tarahumara live in modest homes. They buy themselves and elements needed by selling their crafts.

I have always appreciated the beautiful baskets, textiles, jewelry and crafts products this tribe. It is fascinating that, although women are primarily responsible for making crafts, Tarahumara men, like woodworking and manufacture parts exquisite art style primitive, simple tools.

With the dough wooden bowls, they also make wooden spoons, figurines and traditional game balls used in traditional jogging. The wooden parts of a simple beauty, rugged, supplemented by the natural characteristics of wood.

You also find it interesting to see how the traditional dough bowls are created. The manufacture of wooden vat that starts with the hand carving a piece of wood taken from the trunk of a pine tree fell. Native American log bowls are made by cutting the trunk in half and then some cut with an ax.

The wood is then carved into a bowl as a way with a machete or large, providing a unique, robust and original conception. This traditional style is as old dough bowls have been made in the Sierra Mother for generations.

As we learn more about Indigenous peoples fascinating is that the rate of the mass of wood is very useful in Tarahumara household. It is used in the process of change in grain corn and wheat to make hand-made tortillas, an important part of the Tarahumara diet. Then start grains break between a smooth stone and a conical stone bowl called metate.

The dough bowl is placed in one end of the metate to catch the corn or flour because wheat is ground to hand. Water is added to flour in a bowl and tortillas made by hand are made from the mixture. Although still used by the tribe Tarahumara of kneading dough and baking bowls now available to buyers for the Native American style decorative accessories for the Indian art collection.

You will find how to use the dough bowls for a number of things. They are great as collectibles, fruit bowls, and when elements are combined with rustic decor. They are also excellent when used for art projects in a white cloth which is necessary for Western-style painting and other works of art of Native American style.

Dough bowls, painted in the southwest, Native American Designs scenes from the West, are very popular and are a fun way to add style to your home in the West. A plate painted mass creates a beautiful focal point for any room in rustic, cabin, lodge or ranch style house, adding the warm rich colors characteristic of the art south-west.

You can buy wood pulp bowls and many online stores that sell southwestern and Native American style home decorative accessories. It is easy given a truly indigenous style to your home or to give your room a rustic authentic image, just south west block mass of glass painted on the wall.

If you like the unique culture and how American Indian life, you can enjoy a piece of your beautiful work of art in interior design. To put an Indian style in the design of your home and get a look that is truly unique, use a genuine native style bowl wood pulp to improve the great character in the decor of your home.

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