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How are you supposed to store 10 "flexible cutting knives?

How are you supposed to store 10 "flexible knives decide? I have no space on my block, but even if I did, I saw the knives that are stored in blocks for a long period and are slightly bent when the handle and blade meet due to storage in this way. I am less concerned about another 10 hard "knife I have, but what about the hose?

Do you have your kitchen drawer where you can put dividers or plastic plates of separation?

Keep knives sharp

How to keep your knives sharp knife is very thin and because it is so thin that it is very fragile. For take a little care with knives it can maintain its advantage for long.

The use of wood or soft plastic plate cutting.

Modern stainless steel knife is difficult, but some areas that people cut are even more difficult. Slice or cut against a hard surface to flatten knife edge sharp and dull. The two most common are glass and ceramics. Although higher a granite countertop that bad. glass cutting boards are easy to clean, but dull knives. Avoid them. Cup directly on a plate or dish is bad. The ceramic is as hard as steel. Except cutting meat with a knife, you should never cut directly on a plate or platter. surface plates Stainless steel or work are bad for your knives, too. To maintain the sharpness of the blade does not cut in a soft cutting board.

Wood is traditional surface cutting board and is an excellent choice. Indeed, in mild steel and attractive. At a time when it was warned against the boards chopping wood because they are difficult to disinfect. Later, it was found that forests contain enzymes that inhibit the growth bacterial and wood butcher block cutting boards are safe to use.

If you are still interested in working in a field health, then a flexible plastic panel cutting is a good choice. Soft and dull cutting boards are much better than the glass hard to research. Skateboards Plastic cutting, if small enough, it can be cleaned in the dishwasher. Most can be cleaned in a sink and large disinfected with a mild solution of bleach to rinse. Do not use bleach on a wood cutting board as it enters the surface and contaminate food. More cutting boards are cheap plastic and can be used on a plank of wood to separate the types of food like chicken and onions. They also allow you to choose the cut surface and serve food in a pan.

Avoid the dishwasher.

Pressure water jets bang in the dishwasher inside the washing machine around. With knives, which means that edges are dull. Ideally, hand wash your knives with care. Avoid full Sink. If you lose instead of a sharp knife is easy to grasp by the blade and cut. Also, do not put the knife clean in a colander with other people's money. For the As with the cut surfaces to prevent the knife in a drying rack stainless steel. If you clean the knives away, the food is not the bark and a few strokes with * Warning * sponge brush or shine. You can use a dishwasher, if you have a plastic, not steel, covered tray and place the knife down and that a compartment covered. placement of other pieces of silverware in the same compartment will damage the knife. As the use of a compartment covered separately each knife which devotes much space, is easy to get impatient and pull those covered in others with the knife. Do not do it. Take custody of drawers. It is easy for the knives thrown into a drawer to strike together. If you choose to store your knives in a drawer, use a spacer plastic. Keep Each knife in its own compartment. And avoid spacers that place the blade of the knife down.

Use a good knife.

You can store your knives on the counter in a block of knives, but all knife blocks are not created equal. Blocks oriented vertically to allow suspend knives up and down that cause less wear on the edges. They are also less counter space. Unfortunately, the knife some games are packed with blocks vertically. More common are the building blocks of this place the knife at an angle. Of course, avoiding bottlenecks causing your knife blade to rest on their edges. Although not as good as those oriented vertically, it flat on their faces are dull knives knives at a rate much slower than knives stored in its board.

Magnetic knife.

A knife holder magnetic wall not attached to an edge of the blade dull, if you careful placement of the knife. A little corner of the back of the knife for the magnets to attract First and knives stay sharp. Get the most loving that fits your space. The mention later that the knives are stored are less likely hitting each other and are less likely to be cut.

Use their knives to cut and not a bite single

Knives are often the most practical tool to capture, it is tempting to use them to strike or indiscreet, or a screwdriver. Do not. The Knives are delicate and should be used only in the role of the Court.

Do not use the knife and an ax.

Even the relatively smooth surface of a cutting board may dull knives. It is their bones. You do not need to use hacks force to cut off the food. Use gentle strokes to cut slicing. Use force only as necessary. If you hear knocking sounds when the knife hits the board Cutting using too much force, or knives and bored.

Use a gun every time you use your knife.

Managing your knife to a gun when he begins to feel sad for helping to maintain their advantage for months and if you are careful, even a year. A steel did not really put an edge on a knife, but he did a good job of maintenance. Hold the steel point down and a vertical cutting board. Attracting Razor's Edge on the steel from the edge of the blade nearest the handle. Pull the knife toward you and down with moderate and even pressure until the tip of the blade leaving a bit of steel. side parts, with the knife at an angle of 20 degrees to the steel. 3-5 repetitions on each side should suffice. A number of educational YouTube videos demonstrating proper technique. The search for "knife sharpening steel."

Dealing with a blunt knife.

It is relatively difficult to sharpen a knife with a sharpening stone and it will take a little practice before you get consistent results. There are a number of other tools of the approach that you can use. The engine can run, but it is very easy to remove too much metal in them, very shorten the life of your knives. As a non-motorized Wusthof knife size of stage 2, the size AccuSharp knife 001, or fingers Diamond Sharpener Furi Pro Ozitech will limit acceptable from a knife. The Furi size is a bit more expensive but work.

Professional sharpening.

A knife sharpening service professional can put a big advantage over their knives. With care, this benefit may last from 6 months to a year for heavy usage, a knife of good quality. A kitchen knife in the box only once or twice a year will be in place indefinitely. Many supermarkets have in-store butchers will sharpen their knives at an affordable price, sometimes even free. Ask around. You can find a bargain. Or check the yellow pages for sharpening knives. Real professionals can put an enormous advantage in a good knife. Some are still working on mobile units and even home visits. These require often a minimum but to sharpen their knives away.

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