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Beret is a point in one or two points on a smooth circular needles usually the top or bottom?

I want to knit a beret but could not find a model for a line that I really like, so I think I'll improvise. However, never knit a beret in the previous round, usually attached from the edge toward the top or the top of the bottom?

a beret worked double-pointed needles, you can make the beret in both directions.

Flea market The Good, the Bad and the Ugly thread - The fabric is

When buying books locally son, needles, and model, first, that comes to mind is his neighborhood yarn store. Perhaps the artisan shops of the second large, point tracking huge discounts. But several weavers Forums Daily Knitter sing the praises of flea markets. They describe an amazing selection and amazing prices, while publishers Knitter newspaper decided to organize a group outing. We explored three flea markets in northern Illinois and can now report the good, the bad and the ugly. Awful son, ie.

Each flea market we visited had a large selection of used books. Romance pocket were the most numerous, however, were surprised the variety of knitting pattern books available. A vendor offers a section of books period art, with a complete platform dedicated to weaving. Our favorite find was 1968 Fiesta Fleisher hand samples Bear Brand Yarns botanical tissues. We now have a wonderful retro knitting book, which are popular today ... and that cost us 99 cents!

Although it has not found a place that focuses only on the supply point, we find needles cups weaving through the market Flea. It was often only one partner, but we collected a series of 3 double-pointed needles of 50 cents. We also found a shoe box full of circular needles in a stall at the most pieces of fabric. After some serious negotiations, one of the editors of newspapers Home Knitter have the whole picture.

Chico has seen a few ugly wool. A special booth was the mother lode and was a little scared to see everything in a one place. The owner informed us that they find the wire in the garage sales, auctions of property, and discharges, including son of society. She said she sells a lot to teachers and summer camps, they like the thread projects for children. We found a string of high quality electric orange with accents of green. Now where is the book in the dyeing son?

With more than 200 miles on the truck to the end of the day, and what seemed like miles of our feet, we conclude that the buttons are better than us. The variety in all different positions was incredible. If you are looking for an antique button at the end with a bag or a set of glass buttons on a cardigan, we strongly recommend the flea markets. What a great way to make your projects unique tissue in its class.

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