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Are there really any crocheted sock patterns and do they fit and feel as good as knit?

I did see a pair of knit and matching crochet sock pattern once. Now I am interested.

here is some good ones

Hope these help

Guide In Knitting Pattern Fingerless Gloves For Cozy Pair

Gloves that are fingerless are actually best for winter seasons. Though you are within your house, gloves are actually comfortable to wear most especially when the others of your family members like it.When you constantly have cold hands, having fingerless gloves are good.

Fingerless gloves will keep your palms warm while still making your fingers to do what it usually does and work generally well. These gloves could be made from smooth and warm yarn so as to keep hands dry and snug throughout the day. Through plain or elaborate knitting pattern using fingerless gloves, you may effortlessly knit them and use it whenever you need to.

You need knitting supplies if you want to knit personalized fingerless gloves. Apart from knitting pattern fingerless gloves, knitters should prepare other needed tools and materials such as scissors, pairs of size 15 of circular knitting needle, crochet hook, wool tapestry or needle and chunky wool or yarn approximately 80 yards. Opt for the finest wool in order to form the comfiest gloves.

Check with the knitting pattern. Measure 2 1/2 stitches with three rows each of stockinette stitch within the round. Your finished project has to be 8 inches around, then 9 inches in length. For small women, this kind of gloves could cover up half of their forearms and go over the entire palm. Their thumb would be covered to their knuckle. Simply adjust the length based on the wearer. This kind of gloves may fit medium-sized or smaller women even with little adjustment or stretch.

With a chosen knitting pattern fingerless gloves, work on the thumb. Onto the subsequent row, knit the six initial stitches on the initial needle and slide the final stitches from that particular needle then the three initial stitches from the subsequent needle to a stitch receptacle. Knit the final 6 stitches and remember to tightly pull tight if you change needles.

Don?t forget to consult the knitting pattern fingerless gloves from time to time to make sure you are knitting rightly. As mentioned, select a fine yarn that will make into a perfect pair of the gloves. Making knitted gloves is not a success just with knitting pattern with fingerless gloves. Moreover, you have to make sure that you have completed the materials that you need to use for knitting.

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