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'Girls night out on the boats or the book of knitting?

My mother bought me this book and his son and needles for the shawl is in itself but the page of my copy is defective and I can not read the pattern. I tried to go forward because it was bought out of town and did not change by mail. But it looks good! Does anyone have this book and I can clerify doing wrong? I think she said to cast on 40 stitches, then knit the rows and rows DSEI upward right the wrong way, but finally refused are completely obscured and appears very close. Help! I forgot to add that none of my local bookstores Carry it other then a very pretentious to end child to the store as high as all his books sealed in plastic that is used to "steal" the heads! What I have and I'm 2 / 3 of the way through and have no cable another project to work and want to work on this, but I do not want to rip out.

Have you tried to contact the publisher of the book may be willing to replace the book or to send the correct instructions

Teddy bear craft book

A teddy bear craft book is a guide that allows you to soft teddy bear. Includes many types of toys is classic bears, woolly bear, is to cook, sew bears, bears in the wood and paper chart and also techniques such as sewing, weaving, printing, embroidery, wooden toys and decorating cakes, etc.

Few things to know:

1. It includes a seam guide useful you can refer to a project that includes various sewing techniques that are unfamiliar.

2. There are different suggestions projects with a teddy bear that will work with the correct skin tissue so that your bear is perfect when you're ready.

3. Includes clear and precise instructions with tips and important reminders for the success of the project.

4. There are models and projects that are size or needs adjustment. These trends are clearly labeled to be adjusted to create the appropriate size standard for the project.

5. Teddy Bear book boat also has a size equivalent "to hand to the needle" of success with Instruction for the first knitting project.

6. There are also measures voltage and graphics included with each short article on the project.

This book is very useful for those who enjoy spending their free time making decorative objects and fun it can be enjoyed for a long time. One can easily achieve the projects that have received all necessary information in their hands.

There are various boats books available, like art and crafts, holiday crafts books, books, crafts, ceramics, books, cross stitch, home and garden craft books, books, paper crafts, knitting crochet or craft books, art books and marriage that you can choose one according to his ability and interest.

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