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Has anyone Blythe mini knitting patterns?

The dolls are 4 inches tall. I searched the Internet, but could not found nothing. I am a newbie to point so I could not think of a way for me

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Clothes for porcelain dolls

porcelain dolls, dolls from China, etc., are made of ceramic and / or ceramic. The dolls are small, medium and long term, sometimes. The twirps Mellett, or dolls dressed young people can benefit from hailspot, apron, shoes, socks, etc. You can buy socks and shoes in craft stores or you can hand knit items for her.

You will need the equipment begin. Materials must include 10-inch models hailspot or fabric used to make underwear and clothing. Add 6 inches of plain white fabric, or to make your lawn apron. The fabric must be a fine, smooth and flat fabrics such as linen, cotton, etc., add 40 inches and another 3 / 8 inch cut lace trim to make your underwear, apron and dress. We also light, DMC thread poly / cotton. DMC embroidery thread should also be lightweight for use on your sewing machine. (If applicable) Helmar is a spray of fabric that stabilizes the matter. Is it too. You can find other brands in craft stores.

818 son of embroidery purchase as pink. You must also green. (524) The wire is used to make the hat and apron. You will need bolts and / or buttons as well. purchase rates OOO, OOO and tacos "to complete your deck.

After collection of materials, you'll need a quality technical, which includes models that cut. Employers must include underwear 2-pleated dress or top front bodice. You will need a template to create the posterior folds of the shirt as well. In addition, add two innings, and the fold of her dress skirt.

How to design lingerie:
At home, cross linking taking the legs. Pull the right side or on the sides of your fabric and sewing in the front center and center back so that the seams together. The untreated edges must cross the crown, turning in an inch 1 / 4 to achieve coverage. Each in its place and leave an opening for the wire to stretch across the pool, or the cabinet. Now gather the seams at the crotch and add glue fabric at the crotch seams or end of your thread. You can cut now. Interlock and start sewing in the hat-inch stretch and legs inside dolls 1 / 2 edges of the fabric.

Continue after the sewing stretchy fabric, while lifting legs mounted. Its sleek stretch easily separated from the region traversed. Now you can lock your stretch and cut to size. Do the same with the other leg. Then stretch to cut your way to adapt to the size, and sew in the crown of his underwear and lock it.

Now you're ready to make his toilet. For starters want to bind the seam on the shoulder and the waist front and extend the bra in the region back. In the fold lines, press the center back. Now you can measure the edges of the neck, chest, including the front and center back, and so on. Now you can cut your lace wall to fit your wrist after doubling their efforts succeeded.

Then pull your wire to comply with the upper Lace and respond to adjust the neck and center back. The ends must be removed before Doppelganger beginning sewing lace and lace in the neck lines of sewing. Keep otherwise free. The right side-facing should be placed on the body and right shoulder seams should match. Sewing, near the neck and then close the previous row, from center back. Continue around the wrist to the middle back. Then cut along the neck line, which in turn so that the angles outwards, then press the clothing.

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