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Can anyone recommend a model of chain bag good?

I have some friends in the ecological chain bags instead of plastic bags when I shop. I have a little sugar 'n cream yarn' (cotton combed) to use for this project. I knit and crochet So type model would be good. I'm looking for something that does not always, a moderate capacity, and is strong enough for a half gallon of milk and some canned foods. Patterns may be in the web of its own, or recommend a book with a good model would be good too. Thanks for your help!

Dishcloth cotton (Peaches and cream, cream no sugar, etc) is perfect for this project. If not stashbusting, I suggest you buy hemp or linen. A plastic bag crocheted bags would be too weak to hold canned goods, less milk. Fabric: Saturday market changes MagKnits bags: Turkish Stitch String Bag http:// / stringbag.htm Quick String Bag (two sizes, but no picture) Eco-Friendly Shopping expandable Lion brand. html Crochet String Bag No Sugar Lily Cream (registration required) 1933 Vintage model img / bagpattern. jpg A Bernat large bag (registration required)

Fine warmath Kashmir cold world

Fine warmath Kashmir cold world.

Ghulam Mohyuddin Wani email

Foundation for the Advancement of Science and Technology S, Kashmir.


Kashmir is under the auspices of the goats that inhabit the world Seretse cold in Mongolia, China, India, Pakistan, Iran, Uzbakistan, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Afghanistan. Many states in the world has tried to breed cashmere goats FINRA in their thirst for this precious and expensive fibre.During its hold on Kashmir Pashmina goats were many fine imported United Kingdom.The attempts to raise these goats are still in the gardens Zoos and business oriented in some tissues, however, Nutritious better, reproduction or technological application has not raised breeds. The belief that fine cashmere fiber was so intense that the infamous Kashmir documebt sale Mahraja Kahm who ruled until 1947, contained an agreement to enable the best cashmere goats and turkeys to the throne of the Queen of England, with a few well-pashmina () shawal cashmere.

What the cashmere or Pashmnia.

It is a fine wool, grown in goats. This wool has a diameter thinner wool of sheep breeds in sheep world.Normally FINRA finest wool in the world has a diameter of between 18-20 microns.The fineness of Kashmir is about 12-15 quality microns.The weave often referred to as spinnability also highlighted in this fibre.A gram of processed cashmere can be woven into a thin expanding miles.The many more miles until the wire per gram can talk about finesse and often said price.It and tested in Kashmir shawl (a layer of 5 feet x 12 feet) makes this yarn can pass through an engagement ring golen small piece of a human or other measures women.The is its heat. The old adage is that pure Cashmere can just boil a chicken posts egg.These only.The specific characters of the original fine quality cashmere cashmere Pashmnia known locally as the goat of Kashmir are grown in many countries such as Name stated.The cashmere unhistorical.


The word is derived behind the cash is good money.In simple antiquity, the Silk Road passed through Kashmir and merchndice used to stay at Kashmir. He said that most of the grains and nuts used to negotiate the capital markets Kashmir.The Kashmir is a place cntral flankened climatic conditions Hot Punjab and elsewhere in the tropics of India and Pakistan today on one side and cold deserts and temperate present-day Russia, China, Afghanistan and the former USSR. Even until the trade route existed from 1947 and was appointed route.With silky water transport cheaper and more common that the vessels of the route home has decreased in its essence. The new markets that replaces traditional but

cashmere trade persists.

philosophy of Kashmir.

  1. Cashmere is a rock wool, he said, explaining the state above.In Kashmir as a first layer is in goats in an area of cold deserts and renamed Ladakh.ladakh has characteristics Particular like Mongolia, which China and Japan which include more features are Kashmiris.Kashmiri ayarayian with an aquiline nose and long term high cashmere trade has been bodies.The monopoly of all these races in a great humanist and distribution of ration tribial Mongolia and China or people of origin Japanese used to raise goats or those pashmnia Cashmir high and dry wind cold deserts of the area currently in China, Pakistan and India ..
  2. This mountainous region is dry and cold used to raise and breed these people goats.The the valleys of Kashmir used to treat and weave shawls good pashmnia that. Later, with the expansion of trade of embroidery on it (the craft by hand) were drawn from the artisans of ancient Persia and Islam USSR.The reliogion also came to Kashmir through the crafts and trade rather than by the sword by mistake inbabitants told.All phase conversion Pandits have been but the king was a Buddhist who became a Muslim in the preaching of the saint known as Hamdan stiil Shah-e-HAMDAN.The mosque is known by its name as a mosque, Shah-e-Hamdan, Tal Benn euphoria that all Hindus in the Kashmir Valley became a Muslim and says cargo over scred the experts use to carry around the neck and body burned in the religious preasts occasion.Some temples continued its huge territory and property.
  3. Thus, a new class of people in this revolution.The economic lines became artisans, crafts and pashmina weavers and trades.The Growers remained confined in the cold desert region, poor was weaving and processing of work and looms, trade rich with the support they provide first materials.This practice remains common in the front walls of the fortified old people are around city.The faithful companions and chanting Koranic verse converter single musical tones Kahsmir world.These that all persons have a genetic link has the best ights and religious tolerance have never been known for this region until date.The foreign teachers in every given moment many Myths and tried to divide society and Shere Bukari (LOMO, goat), Shiites and Sunnis, rural and urban, Jammu and Kashmir, Kargil and many ladakhand more out of this bifurcation Perview article, which aims to recount the history of trade and cashmere production.

The best surface bearing cashmere pashmnia are specific and we alone.If some poet sings the famous song which means that if the sky is in the Kashmir kashmir.The land Original song written in Persian and sounds like "REC FARDOOS STI ruae ZAMEAN Häme Häme ISTO ISTO HAMEISTOO.I registration and show that in this paper, while cashmere (PASHMINA) existed anywhere in the world, here in Kashmir and those who do not.

I spent almost 34 Y of my life and my research goats approach was PRIMERGY goats.We pashmina was a collaborative project on DNA fingerprinting of goats. Who I know has was the first attempt to analyze the world and the origin of these fine goat wool, taking care to tell the world that we are going well and we want to keep,

This fiber to less than 13 microns is rare, but in Kashmir is the only place in this global village, we have thousands of goats that have this fine fiber 11-13 microns diameter.In our next article we will discuss the details of several of our research papers published and unpublished for areview views.Given Following many authors on the site of a general who want to read wivikipedia information.Any our original work scieves known encyclopedia published elesvier milk in 2002 and Academic Press

World Cashmere (Pashmina production)


Mongolia produces 20% cashmere Worlds. Maintains third of the country's population of 2.6 million euros. There are a number of rounds to make news in the New York Times says that the shows and a few goats Cashmere better too "

"A pungent smell like turpentine Sharilj from a wild plant that has taken over the Mongo, grass ian land is edible for sheep and goats. Figure 1 of the site is

Sharav Sukhtseren owner of a herd of 150 goats and 100 sheep, Differential Sharilj must shepherd their highest in the mountains to find new pastures.

The lack of forage land is not only concern is Mr. Sharav. Price cashmere wool, the wool of their goats, has plunged 50 percent last year. The price of flour, the staple food for the most essential is more than doubled.

These are tough times for the cashmere industry in Mongolia, which provides jobs and income for one third of the country's population of 2.6 million and provides about 20 percent of the global market.

To compensate for low prices, the pastors have been to increase the supply and breeding goats more - a classic vicious circle. Mongolian goat population is now almost 20 million euros, higher ever.

ENVIRONMENT and goats.

Ecologists and social scientists say it destroys biodiversity and grasslands, undermining livelihoods and pasture. But goats are more resistant than other types of livestock, run faster and can survive with limited resources: thus, the more it degrades the land, pastoralists are forced to change their cows, camels or other animals less destructive - another vicious circle

World production of Kashmir

Countries of the world of 1200 tons of cashmere

  1. 1.China 60-65%

Mongolia 20-25%

Iran and Afghanistan to 15%.

Krizikistan small quantities in Central Asia, Kazakhstan, azabaijan, the Turkey, Kashmir, India, Australia, New Zealand and Kashmir (Pakistan) (Indian Kashmir)

First (raw fat) cashmere Underdown is a mixture of fine (which after processing becomes commercial grade cashmere) and the coarse outer guard hair, with the earth sand, animal fats, vegetable matter and other impurities. Cashmere is combed fat is stripped of goats. Fat Fiber purchased in small business, travel. From there, he was sent to shave (treatment) plants. Once the fiber reaches a treatment plant gross orders with a number of objectives in mind.

The first step is to separate low-grade cashmere and all types of pollution is synthetic. The fiber is then packaged and stored. The second category is made to break the fiber colors - Black, Lt. Grey, cream and brown. During the second classification, fiber is ordered less pollution or synthetic materials that has obtained the first classification.

After sorting, fat fiber scouring (washing) to remove dirt, grease and other impurities. After washing, wash the cashmere is ready to coat. Suppression Machinery hair rough fur of the soft Underdown, as the mass of the fiber is woven through a series of heads of fur in the machine. The design of the machine allows Underdown stay and go through the machine while the coarse hair is removed. After washing cashmere is passed through a machine fur, hair thick residue is reduced to 0.5% for the degree of woven fibers, and 0.2% or less of the fiber for weaving. In fact, the residual thick hair can be up to 3% and still be called cashmere trade. However, 3% of the fiber optic end-uses are limited. The ultimate goal is to eliminate Economic dehairer thick hair and dirt without affecting the length of the Underdown.

The value of wool cashmere is influenced by several key factors: the thickness (measured in microns), length (measured in mm), and color. China produces the best cashmere in the world. The Chinese make sacrifices goat color very aggressive, leaving only the white goats for natural gas collection. Therefore, the Chinese cashmere commands the highest market prices, it is better to be bought and can be dyed to any color pie. Mongolia cashmere, but it focused Animal pure white is the next most convenient because it is only slightly thicker than that of China and has a length greater. Iranian and cashmere Afghan material is often the cheapest on the market because they are thicker, darker and shorter than the other two types.
Micron Average (unit of measurement for the diameter of cashmere fiber):

(India / Pakistan) - 11-13

  • Chinese - 14.5-15.5
  • Mongolia - 16.5-17.5
  • Iran / Afghanistan - 17-18.5

Once the fiber of wool, it is ready to send to the spinners, weavers and Knitters around the world. 4 The traditional markets for primary production of cashmere has been the United States, Europe (UK, Italy), Japan and China. The finished products are mainly consumed in the first three target markets, with smaller amounts China consumers of their own finished goods production. The production of finished products, both in knitting and weaving, China has changed dramatically in the last decade.

Fibers Wool can be converted into the spinning system. If cashmere son will turn into must first go through an extra processing step, known as "Crawling". Cashmere combing is performed to remove short fibers, while retaining the fiber length and allowing them to be parallel. More parallel fiber is then known as a "Top". The short fibers are removed Spun called. "Son of the High cashmere son can be. The discussions are the clothes, then woven and knitted. (For datails in our methods of combing and treatment, please go punbilcation 2002 Wani, Wani et al 2003, Wani et al 2007.2008)

FINISHED PRODUCT - (says companies and not me)

Most of Plymouth and son - son knitting done are "a single layer, which means that there is an" end ", or a single wire that is used for weaving fabric. This fabric can be used in coats, jackets, scarves, blankets, etc. ...

Ply is a term to describe a thread that has more than one purpose to compensate for the thread in general. For example, a 2-ply yarn is composed of 2 pieces of someone's son, a layer 3 consists of son 3-folds, etc. ... There is only only technical reason for the cables. When a piece of wire then are not the natural points of fine wool and coarse, especially in "system wool threads. The manufacturing system son wool used to make the most of the wire will cashmere sweaters.

A wheel reaches its goal upgrade the wire by 2 sail. Take 2 individual wire ends and wrap them together or a layer to a final 2-son provided. If the wire is more than one 2-ply, all is done is to take over, so the clothing or the resulting object heavy. No improvement other 3, 4, 5 or more sheets given to a thread. just adds weight to the final product. Several layers are needed to make a larger size (GG) sweater.

Most sweaters cashmere 12gg are on the market. 12gg machines are made and have a relatively good point. To make a larger garment, manufacturers will move to the machine larger caliber as 5GG 7gg or knitting machine. The points are more pronounced. A large piece of wire is needed knitting machines heavier gauge. Therefore, a 4-layer, or even a son of 6-folds will be necessary for the construction of these garments.
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About the Author

Dedicated to the memory of Chenta moni Singh former Director IVRI AND A GREAT SCIENTIST ,who asigned me the duties on goat reseach with one prophetic temparamental gentleman and a man of highest nobality the DR,PEOF KUNDUN LAL SAHANI OF GOAT INSTITUTE,Who was always deprived of his due ,but he never grumbled or complained.


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