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I am ashamed to say I can not help my daughter with her math homework!?

Forgive me, because I have 45 years and can not resolve this problem D # M #. Your help is greatly appreciated. Thank you. Susan knitting a blanket for her niece. Susan Mix 1 / 3 pink son that the son of purple in coverage. He is the son 5 / 9 unless the son of white violet. The roof is 3 / 4 white son. How much is the pink wire?

Totally confusing question! It is later, which is probably part of the problem. I managed to get up to 75% and 25% are white is pink and purple, and more than 25% is pink to purple, but can not say exactly how much. I think this drawing and then coloring to match the description. I always hated the word problems.

Cardigan sweaters printed fun

When the weather cools, the women of the world begin to change their wardrobe from summer to autumn and winter mode. Many are realizing that their options for cold weather worn, misplaced, or completely out of style. For them, it is a time ideal reinvest in the article of clothing that can support several different teams: the cardigan. When closed, it can remain a casual or dressy top. And women who leave open can customize the look with different covers, tanks and reservoirs below. Cardigans are great with pants, jeans, pants or lounge. The most important thing is your comfort and functionality make it the popular choice when the mercury drops.

Here are several options that are available cardigan fun doing:

Kim & Co. V-neck long sleeve printed cardigan

This shows an explosion impressive style floral print cardigan in black and bronze and ruby or purple. The button polyester seven piece comes with epaulets for a look that can dress or casual. $ 54.24

Berek "Dream Moroccan accounts cardigan

The printed black sweater on the Moroccan-inspired, sophisticated, easy to use is limited to the lower front hem. The jacket mostly white point black trimmed cuffs, scoop neck and flap. The material is a mixture of cotton and rayon and neck is adorned with a jet black faceted beads. $ 47.83

Hello women with low-Addressing cardigan and tank top in September

This set of characteristics both a long-sleeved cardigan and matching shell sleeves, both with a longer back and shorter at the front. Material polyester spandex / Is machine washable, and everything is perfect with pants or jeans. Available in black, animal or PlumStone. $ 42.83

Kim Leopard Collection Parrish Print Cardigan

The long-sleeve shirt features black leopard and white or ivory and white with white trim cuffs, flap on front, and size. Made from a 80/20 combination of rayon and nylon, this cardigan bold looks good during the day and night. $ 49.50

Pamela McCoy Embellished Zip-Front Animal Print Sweater

It is difficult to say that this elegant long sleeve sweater has a zipper front. The gold, black and white leopard print is accented with black trim white posts at the neck, wrists, hem bottom and foreleg. The acrylic / wool blend clothing is both fashionable and comfortable. $ 100

Avvenire Snake Print Cardigan

Feroz and surprisingly, this jacket has a palette of white, green, brown and black ¾ sleeves and neckline. Made with a blend of viscose, nylon, spandex and figure flattering jersey is durable, flexible, comfortable and suitable for casual or elegant situations. $ 32.65

Avvenire Cheetah Print Cardigan

The garment has a striking shape, sleeve length, and snake-shaped Cardigan Avvenire print, but a combination of classic colors black and white. Viscose / nylon / spandex material is breathable, durable and resistant wrinkles. $ 27.24

Boutique Chic 3 / 4 Sleeve Cardigan large print coast

This sweater, which comes in shades of eggplant or chocolate, is made of a lightweight nylon and spandex expands and pushes the wrinkles. Spencer is an amazing full of chic. $ 33.94

Elegant Sleeves 3 / 4 cropped cardigan Stretch Printed item shop

Closing delicate neck Cropped Jacket makes this feminine and elegant. Designed for use with a tank or more, form tight sweater is available in black, khaki or tomatoes. Made from a comfortable stretch fabric knitting. $ 19.17

Chic Boutique Front tie short sleeved cardigan rib form

The figure provides an easy draw against holding Simple all new exotic look! The top is available in black, purple or water and is constructed of lightweight nylon and spandex blended. $ 27.23

New York printed cashmere Rebecca Henry

A combo of sweetness and bright This electricity can make your printed vest wardrobe! The light wire makes it ideal for any time of year, and is available dazzling zebra print black and white, hazelnut and black zebra, or a combination of several of Paisley. $ 65.28

Sisters Cardigan Place printed on the front of the animals

Beautiful and sensual, this black, brown jacket, beige, white and is printed long sleeves and is made of polyester and spandex. The front of the garment hang impressively the layered look and accentuates boldness and elegance. $ 39.93

Fashion WD.NY Jeweled neck cardigan

The blend of comfort and sophistication! Made of cotton, nylon and spandex, this ¾ sleeve shirt has a crew neck is accented by shiny beads in black, brown or turquoise. Cheetah Print Available in ivory and brown khaki, ivory and a feeling of brown flowers, a floral print black and white, and turquoise and army green / black / orange modern printing. $ 53.88

Burrow WD.NY Georgette Tie Cardigan Set of three Parties

This group has a reservoir of comfort above the base black dress pants, tie and waistcoat in black georgette, cheetah, pink or floral print. Sweater Polyester has a single link on the front half of the garment. $ 72.31

Cardigan sweaters are not only grandmothers rocking more. With an eclectic design of today and attractive prints, cardigans can be an integral part of any game ladies. Consequently, Women no longer have to pack your sense of fashion with their summer dresses summer dresses and spring.

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