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Well no. This isn't even about hollister.
But it grabbed your attention, eh?

well, i know what's in style right now.
i'm just having a wee bit of a hard time
putting together some gorg' outfits to wear.

i'll tell you what colors, stores, and styles
i like and dislike, and please make me a few
outfits on polyvore, or give me some links.

animal print cardigans
babydoll tops
skinny jeans
pea coats
knitted + yarn things
the color grey
pop-ish, fluorescent colors
plaid stuff
baggy track pants
big ol' tote bags
turtlenecks are okay
off-one-shoulder sweatshirts
colorful skinny jeans, i MIGHT try
long, linen scarves

white, grey, black, beige, red.
whatever "goes". just no yellow or bright pink.

wherever. i'm not punk or skater or anything.
so no like zumies, or pac sun, west 49 etc.
also no clubwear. i'm not a clubber.

Thaaaaanks 🙂

hope these help!

Viscose yarn

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Withdrawn viscose fibers

viscose staple fiber (VSF), a man with similar features biodegradable cotton fibers. As a very versatile fiber and easy to mix, VSF is widely used in clothing, home textiles, material dress, jersey, and other non-woven.

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Viscose yarn

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