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Make laboratory equipment for quality food?

My lab has a lot of ceramic mortar and pestle sets "inherited" and laboratory space and lots of other equipment random teacher who was there before my advisor. Since we have no use for them, and I want a game for my kitchen, what should I do to make food safe before borrowing? I do not know what the previous occupants have worked. We are a virology laboratory, but these viruses are readily inactivated by chlorine or 70% ethanol. We use ethidium bromide, acrylamide and stuff, but I think that these chemicals have been near the mortars and pestles. I have to ensure that all organic bad that could have plunged into the grinding surfaces are gone. (Of course, I will reply things. My lab partner also suggested immersion in concentrated NaOH. Is this a good idea?)

I would not try to use any equipment laboratory for food .... especially if you do not know what they were used in the past. It is never a good practical or safe.

With increasing global temperatures, greenhouse gas emissions out of control, and increased rates of cancer and other diseases, is one wonders how careers have not tried to solve these problems. As the company itself does not seem willing to tackle these problems, it is entirely appropriate that each individual is on information and do something on a personal level to protect our children and generations after them from pollution and its effects. So we should all be concerned in green cleaning, and what we offer as a company and a career.

green cleaning is to reduce our impact on the environment, and at the same time, no use of hazardous chemicals and toxins to clean up our everyday objects. One of the most common culprits of the use of hazardous chemicals in cleaning the carpet. Carpet coat almost every floor in every room in many homes, and serves as a repository for dirt and allergens. It is because of its position that people rely on industrial chemicals and solvents to clean the carpet, but what people do not realize is that the carpet cleaning effectively and efficiently, without the use industrial environments environmental pollutants and toxins that cause cancer.

We must do something about the effects of substances produced chemicals on cancer incidence. Many industrial solvents, surfactants and other cleaning products, especially many of those used in cleaning carpet mats have structures and chemicals that are carcinogenic. Carcinogens are agents that have shown an increased rate of cancer in laboratory tests. Where carcinogens are used that are found on many carpet cleaners, you increase your risk and the risk of their loved ones to cancer.

Regarding the environment, green cleaning with less water and biodegradable chemicals to clean your carpet. Green Carpet Care has to do with sustainability and efficiency. Obviously, if you use less water and industrial toxins that will have a positive impact on our environment. A important issue to be resolved are rumors that green cleaning is not effective. green cleaning is as effective as traditional cleaning, but use different processes and chemicals to get there. For example, instead of using large quantities of water to remove chemicals, Green cleaning can rely on pure water and heat to carpets. This leads to saving time and precious water resources.

However, it is extremely important that each of us looks to the future. The only way to ensure the environment for our descendants is to start taking care of her now. If you want to live healthier lives while protecting the environment surrounding the green carpet cleaning could be a viable start. Leading by example, and I hope that soon we'll make the changes necessary to protect our environment, society as a whole.

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