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I have to carry a work Precalculus question, can anyone help?

A uses is 16 feet of lace the edges of a rectangular tablecloth. If the water is w feet wide, to express their zone according to the width.

The equations are: = 2w + 2h 16 'Cause you know that the perimeter is 16 m. A = hw Of course, the region is the product of the height (H) and width (W). From the first equation, with primary passages, you have: H = 8 - w Substitute this in the second: A = (8-w) = 8w w - w ^ 2 You can choose if you prefer [factored form (8-p)] w, which is more elegant, or extended form [8 W - w ^ 2], which is easier to assess once you a numeric value of "W". Needless to say they are equivalent.

Camille Dressing

Is Camille? You want to create an outfit for her, but you have no idea where to start? If your answer is yes, then the next reading, we will design a costume fashion Camille.

To begin, you need the equipment. Have 40-inch light pink woven fine linen or cotton. The fabric is needed to make pants further Camille gathered at the ankle, and her skirt. Buy 2 1 / 4 yards of fabric and light, with short-run and composed of wool. The material is used to create the layer of Camilla and her dress. You have 28 inches of material for the layer, such as stiffness shiny silk lining. (Taffeta) Purchase entredeux 26-inches and 6 1 / 2 yards of brown lacy edges. It takes a bit of lace trim (30 "inch 2 / 5) and matching poly-cotton yarn DMC-4442. The wire will coincide with the smooth fabric on the fabric, which DMC-4446 (Brown) to coordinate with its soft, light pink. To make a rose, you can buy 3 1 / 4 yards of ribbon. You'll need 1/4-inch buttons, the level of elastic 8 / inch, and 3 1 / 4 meters silk cord to complete your pink ball.

Once you gather your equipment, you need to cut a crease in the frontal region of her blouse and eliminate the two at the rear. Next, cut the fold of the skirt front and two rear. Cut two pants, ie baggy pants that gather at the ankle. Once you cut your habits Use 50-point light brown DMC embroidery sewing cotton lace.

Now that you have your hardware, you can design a costume for Camille. For those who are not familiar with Camilla, we can describe Briefly wrist in case you want to buy and create an evening gown.

Camille She'sa doll, which means about 25 inches height. Camillus Collector's Edition includes the Regency and Victorian series. Jennifer Esteban is the original inventor Camille. Camille gathered sleeves and pleated skirt, and a layer of taffeta. Camille also uses underwear cambric, which is pale brown lace. The pants and skirt extends the skirt is also tied with light brown cord.

Dress For Camille should start with pants or trousers. Once you have completed your pants, you can go to the underwear. We can start the project now, however, you should find information to help you complete. Unfortunately, only one article can not produce the required length to form a complete team.

How do panties Camille
In the largest box office, beginning French seam sewing, collecting at the back and front. Press and turn the seams under the cover of the folding line. Press the garment and create again a few minutes hem at the size of the bridge. Sew a straight line on the bridge. Want to leave a space in a row from one side to the other the elastic. On the edges of the crown, straight ahead toward their coverage.

Now you can use starch, spray your fabric, and press once ended. Lace Cut two 7 1 / 2 inches long, knit a row on the edge of the legs on the bottom of his trousers. In the area of right press fit to replicate. Make a cross stitch pattern on the crown of your lace. Its meshes are closely related to both the form and fabric. Near the cross stitches, cut the extras. Next, cut two 7 1 / 2 inches from your entredeux. Use your starch, spray, then press. You will have to cut the ends extending Entredeux the edges of your lace crosses, meeting to another, and the connection itself. Press and can be moved to connect the seams of the legs to the crotch. Align and choose the legs and ankles, tighten belt when he crosses the entredeux.

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