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Tips and tricks in my sonnet, please?

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As far as emotional, I felt a certain sadness, a touch of sadness in the story. Otherwise, I kind of him loved, I'm not much of a person if the poetry. Oh, yes, and the verse does not rhyme, but I found it enjoyable to read

Thanksgiving without all the fancy trimmings

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This becomes the Thanksgiving when people return to old-fashioned values and going moderation in all exotic ornaments have come to signify the opulence of the Party and our own sense of excess.

In many respects, Thanksgiving is determined to be something special - something we can be truly grateful. Despite a recession Once again families gather to enjoy their freedom and the goodness of your table, but this time the majority if not all cuts will be made at home rather than store bought. Is it so terrible? I would prefer, and smells of the kitchen makes me salivate with anticipation.

You remember the smell of homemade apple pie floating in the oven in the kitchen and out into the living room of a house you can afford to live where a happy family and friends gather before the great fire burns a forest, right? Life can be good.

It is preferable that the milk chicken mixed with cognac twenty-five years old, with good dark rum? Is a Ford compact car to get where you want to go, and a Mercedes limousine?

What store bought barbecue bird can not compete with a twenty pound turkey basting gravy with chips of his skin and the smell of sausage and cornbread Fill sends the dog whimpering in anticipation and dance in circles?

Children playing in the room know the difference between oysters Rockefeller and chestnuts with bacon?

The pumpkin and the pumpkin is less tasty delicious lobster bisque and then gourmet shop? Is eat caviar fish eggs that pilgrims had in mind for Thanksgiving?

If we are not alone, if we can share the holidays together, what difference does it make if we can not spend much money on some fancy decorations? We have more that most people expect. We have an abundant table of our own making, and family and friends to share. We have a lot to be thankful. We are together. We are free.

Too much emphasis on all exotic ornaments can conger up may be why you went into this recession begin. God thank you, the American public has enough common sense to know when to stop spending luxury that you can do without imagination, and start saving for their future and that of their children.

When we all remember the lessons of the past that our parents and grandparents tried to teach us, really something to be grateful. Then, the recession is past, and real reductions will come from a wonderful life with us back to our races sincere thanks. They will always be ours to cherish and remember.

May cuts your heart and mind your cup of love the edge and sense of joy run over.

Have a happy and healthy Thanksgiving.

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Hi this is Arthur Levine and Johnny Oops the principal character in my new novel wishing you and yours a very happy Thanksgiving. To read about Johnny’s escapades please join us at


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