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I'd like to become a romantic/lolita goth - 10 points!?

I've been researching the Gothic subculture for a while, and have found that I like all the bands and the fashion. However, I'm a bit scared because I'm only 13 and I think it might look odd for a 13-year-old to dress like this? I need some tips on toning the style down slightly so I don't look like a poser (and I know how many answers I'm going to get telling me I'm a poser ¬¬) and also on how to make my unfringed auburn wavy hair look gothic. Thanks 🙂
You have the typical viewpoint of a person who has no idea about Goths. Goths smile. And what's wrong with thanking people?
Thank you for your opinion, but I do still think I would like to be one.

The poser term for lolita is called "ita". If you look that up, you'll probably see blogs, forums, etc. talking about how different lolitas react to itas or how to avoid looking like one.
Let me run through the typical characteristics of an Ita:
-Black dress with white lace/trim (risk looking like a maid)
-Cheap raschel lace(scratchy, details lost on top of fabric)-
-headdresses (they do look good, but it's like the black x white dress- it could be found cheap yet bad, costumey quality)
-walolita dresses (costumey, usually made cheaply, risk looking like weeaboo)
-satin fabric (shiny=costume)
-lace monsters (too much lace)
-short skirt length (mid-thigh is too short)
-cat ears and other anime influences (unless you're at a convention)
-petticoat (lolita skirts will look frumpy without it)
-super dark makeup (usually makeup is natural- eyeliner and lip gloss is just right)

Things to tone down:
-keep it monochromatic (outfit primarily one color, maybe add some color in accessories like wine red, navy blue, etc.)
-no lace or lace in similar color to fabric (not too much contrast like white lace on black)
-stick to ruffles when in doubt about lace quality
-typical mary-janes (no heels, no platform sole)
-blouse and skirt ensembles (coordinate with other clothes, mix and match)
-cutsews (blouses made of t-shirt material) or shirts with a fitting motif
-opaque tights or crocheted tights (one solid color like black or white)
-keep it casual

Gothic lolita styled hair:
I think your hair is fine the way it is. You can give it ring curls for a more doll-like look.


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