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Ladybugs How your home?

It is a horrible time of year for ladybugs, nobody knows how to get rid these little critters my house? I appreciate your comments.

All I can get in the fall and spring on my back porch roof. They seem to be attracted by the white. Leave during and disappear on the night .... but it seems to have millions when they leave. I am crazy and a point and began to spray repellent. The work a little but not completely. Usually allows. He did a good conversation when people come more often and do not in the house ... except for a few here and there. This is a small, safe just annoying. Skip It sounds like a vacuum cleaner a good idea if you have a bag and can be immediately .... but I think a killer is a permanent solution!

Smile Lady of stuff youâ € ™ re spy camera!

Hidden cameras are quickly becoming new best friend to many men who have wised up to the sexual € â € œliberationâ the weaker sex. Men and women cheat, however, is an idea false that men cheat more than women. There are raw statistics indicate that men cheat more than women, but this is not necessarily a fact, Women are better at detecting infidelity male models.

A new study conducted by the Daily Telegraph (03/09/2009), the questioning 3,000 women, found that 40% of women admitted to having affairs, compared to 30% of men. In addition, a survey conducted by Asa € ™ s life! Magazine (December 2004) found that half of all women who cheat on their husbands or partners, if they became pregnant other man to maintain their relationship. Even more disturbing is that two women would not tell your partner that the child is not yours. Letâ € ™ s not home about 42% of women who are on contraception to get pregnant, regardless of the will her partner.

Is it any wonder then men rely on hidden cameras spy to monitor the movements of his other half? These cameras are so small they can be hidden in everyday objects such as clocks, pens, radios, boxes of tissues or even stuffed animals.

So why do women cheat?

Both women and men cheat, but for very different reasons. Elements The following are some of the reasons women give for cheating. One is revenge. A woman can get her back in her own â € œcheating € partnership. Or cheating, because it may feel, it is ignored and does not receive emotional support Home.

Some women are unfaithful because they feel safe in their current relationship. With a new relationship is a sense of security and meaning. If a woman believes she is taken for granted, do not receive the attention or recognition that you need your partner out of shape, then it may apply to a lover. Other reasons such as lack of affection, sexual life unsatisfactory, absence from home, physical abuse and in partnership € ™ s addiction (Drugs, alcohol, etc.) help women who seek company elsewhere.

Of course a woman can go wrong, because it fell and can not find his current partner, physically or emotionally appeal.

What are the signs of deception?

Women that are suspects hiding much better in the affairs of men, which may well be true given the number of unfaithful men with high our blankets. However, there are four major changes in behavior to be observed:

It takes an unusual interest in his time â € "this is simply to know where you are if you can plan your visit. You can also encourage you to depart to justify her out a € € œfriendsâ.

Gym members â € "all of a sudden, going to the gym, had a makeover, new hairstyle, new clothes? If you do not do it for you, then it does for him!

She is distracted â € "she is able to focus on what we are talking about two or she is distracted? Women tend to fantasize about their love œnew € € A which often leaves them with a flash.

Irritable â € "is a classic. Start a discussion about something so trivial it can storm your head a € € œclear. She will return much later, so donâ € ™ t wait.

What can you do?

There are several options of spying for the little guy who wants to know if your loved one is cheating on him. As already mentioned the use of hidden cameras is becoming the default choice. They are small, discreet and low-cost, no technical knowledge required. digital recording equipment allows you to monitor telephone conversations Telephone with date, time, and related compound reproduction. Using a wire is a convenient way to listen to conversations in a room while in the other. If you want to keep your partner in the comfort of your couch, why not invest in a tracker? These discrete devices monitoring his wife or partner € ™ s movement and send to you. The details of the device time, date and place and length of stay you directly.

After collecting all evidence of infidelity, you may want to meet your partner temporarily. Women have a tendency to decline because of their their business partners!

They say that women nurture and men are hunters. Well, we're going to hunt!

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Patrick Andersonn is a security and surveillance specialist. To see the latest spy cameras hidden cameras and other surveillance devices available visit


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