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Planning aids birthday 1!?

I predict daughter celebrates 1st birthday and I want to do a bird and flower theme. After do a lot of research online, I can not find a job. I am looking for this type of bird decoration ..% Mode% 2bmatchallpartial 2bmatchallpartial and Ntx = & N = 0 & requestURI processProductsCatalog = & sd = + + + glass beads + + colorful birds Pearl Mix In addition, other ideas for table centerpieces, assembly .. I would appreciate any help! Thank you very much! (:

Check your local party stores - many of them here have orders for flowers ... birds will be your challenge ... I can not even find the place where it is as you pointed out .... fill

What comes to mind when you hear the word flowers, another beautiful colors mixed in a refreshing, to say the least. Whether culture flowers in his garden in the neighborhood park or even artificial ones that are available in various colors and patterns as well.

With all the colors and the aura which accompanies may help relieve the mind of the poor also. Flores also lighten my mood. And the fact that I know of hook that allows me to do great things boats with flowers theme as fashion accessories for my beautiful daughter, she can wear outside, and hat pins as well. These flowers are very Design always easier to craft with knowledge of the hook.

If you can find time to surf the web, you'll be able to find the website providing online tutorial for crochet flowers easy. There are many sites and blogs out there on the Internet, which should provide great content and advice on this subject alone.

Here I'll show you how you can make a flower crochet simple but attractive.

You can start with a single hook and 2-3 color thread. Why wool? This thing can be done with a thread too, but I just prefer wire. Make sure the size of the mixture is perfectly sized hook. Take your first color and the string to use six.

Back to the chain of a number and make a cd and Next go to the succession of two. To do this, yet and again and put it in a number of the chain. You have eight radios in hand. Place the circle in PR 3 chain on your left (which is the string 3 spoke for the first time) and construction (LC, Chapter 1, cd 2, Ch 1, sc), then attach all the circles he has done. In this way, it learned to make a petal.

Doing that in the eight arches and this will give you the flower 1. Attach a PR with 1 bp in the 1 petal. Turn the flower. Choose another color of your choice, then create a loop and a place under crochet needle talked about color and draw the 2nd color yarn.

You are left with two stitches on the hook, the hook also to create a drawing. Channel number six and a CD work because talked chain of three. Redo the number of CDs, the chain of three each word. Now, create a PR 3 strings of line 1 has already.

It is now time to return to the side law. 1 Place the petals a little longer before, then do (SC, chain 1, 3 DC, chain 1, sc) in each half. Put them together v. SL through 1 sc. Cast off.

This is the preparation of your flower. The application of similar measures may create for 2,3,4 or 5 different colors or similar. With each new round of the size of the flower grow. So in a way that you really want.

Find great deal of free information on how to create crochet pattern and tutorials on how to crochet a simple afghan at, the most popular crocheting portal by expert author and crafter, Jennifer Walter.


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