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If i sell handmade beads on ebay. do you think people will buy them?

What kinds of beads are you making?

Many of us who make glass lampwork beads have noticed quite a bit drop in sales on eBay and many have moved to selling on their own site, on Just Beads, the Annealer auction site, and Etsy.

Do your research well. Look at other auctions and what similar items are selling for. Price your items accordingly, but make sure you still get a profit, or at least break even. Don't underprice yourself.

You can sell on Ebay, but if you start don't be discouraged if things don't work out at first. You really have to have a constant presence and build up a reputation.

It doesn't hurt, of course, to have an unusual style, fashionable colors, or very unique items.

But as they say, don't put all your eggs in one basket. If eBay isn't working for you, throw a set up on another auction site, simultaniously. You may end up please with a different site. Or you may do better on a different site. You really need some patience and be strong enough to not have your feelings hurt if something doesn't sell.

Also, don't expect it to be the primary source of income. There are very few beaders who use ebay (or any auction site) as their only means of income. Many are busy year round with auctions, shows, books, competitions, etc.

So, I say, give it a try. If you sell some items, maybe you don't get to retire early, but maybe your hobby will be able to pay for itself.

What is the position of the glass beads are made?

Beads older than 2500 BC It is probably a greater variety glass beads that any other material. Glass allows a wide range of colors and shapes that can be made from this versatile substance. Colors in the glass from different metals and oxides involved in its implementation, for example, a variety of colors are possible with the addition metals.

The manufacturing process of glass beads can be typed or handwritten. In all cases the glass must be melted and cooled slowly the form: the glass must allow even before it is full or joint break suddenly and without apparent reason, even months later. BEADMAKING glass is sold in bars or clubs (6 to 15 mm in diameter), which are available in a wide range of opaque, translucent and transparent colors. To make beads glass, glass rods in hand or are manipulated by their son in a warm liquid.

It is shaped and cooled in a manner different. Glass Soft often recommended for the production of pearls, because it melts at relatively low temperatures. All are made by melting rods colored glass in the flame of a torch at high temperature. BEADMAKING a technique in which the balls are made by twisting or glass packaging around hot rod or mandrel, is one of the oldest forms of creating glass beads. Also known under the lights. Some of molten glass can in an oven, while others may be made by the removal of molten glass from a furnace and molding or shaping. Beads are made of molded stems very thick glass with molten glass heated. They are also known as pressed glass beads.

The glass can be transformed into many forms, such as: washer, hard, round, cube, tubes, cylinders, diamond, heart, drop, oval, rice, leaves, flowers and bi-conical.

Bugle Beads beads, glass beads, Fire Polish beads, beads from India, Murano glass beads and seed beads in a hurry.

How can we tell if an account is glass? Glass is cold to the touch when not in use on the skin. It is quite heavy and makes a clicking sound when played together or by typing on the teeth.

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