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Jobs with large salary and a lot of freedom?

What are some jobs that allow a person room to do have free time, time to travel, yet pays a lot?

I'm trying to figure out what I want to do with my life so I'm making a list of carrers i might enjoy to help me figure out whats right for me.

I've got:



Figure out what you like and open your own business. Its not as hard as everyone makes it seem. Im 21 have a sick husband so I need freedom so I opened my own business ( and now i make my own hours and make great money! I can be at the hosp. with him or home when he needs me etc...

Large Posters: a Solution to All your Ad Woes

I was losing sleep over this, so you can imagine how grave my concern is. The business I was setting up required dedicated effort and since this is my baby I was giving extra attention to it. Now my only area of concern was publicity about the business and I want it to be impeccable, like any business owner. Now there are different methods that are available which I can make use of for the purpose of promotion. Traditionally popular methods like doing promotion in television, newspaper, radio and online sites are fine and I want to use them for promotion. But what I want is to use something different so that I make an impact that is everlasting. I have hearing a lot about the use of posters and banners for advertising purposes and then decide to use large posters for my business. Well I could make an effort and see how successful or not successful this can turn out to be.

So the first thing that I required finding out was how effective large posters actually were in disseminating any kind of messages. I also needed to know if large posters were effective for only certain category of products or they can be used for anything. So this requires a lot of research and studying around. After doing the homework, I am satisfied with the results I find out. So it is large posters I decide that I am going to use vigorously for the promotion of my business. Now the first think that I wanted was to find out an agency or a poster maker that makes good banners and posters. Well I am not an expert in this field and getting an expert to do the work seemed to be the best idea to me. I came across many poster manufacturers and choosing one was turning out to be real tough. Someone rightly said, too many options spoil you.

Finally I settled on a firm that will do the work for me. Now I am very clear about what I want to tell my customers, so it is crucial to make the makes of large posters understand this as well. We all know that the best of plans and strategies can go down the drain if things are not done in the proper perspective and if this is not targeted to the intended people. Depending on who my targeted audiences are, I give a brief to the guys working there about what I want and most importantly how I want it. Now choosing the right color coordination can be really tricky, so settle for mild colors. Mild colors in large posters have been found to attract people in hordes and this is exactly what I want.

The large poster that came out finally was just as I had pictured and wanted in the first place. The large posters were put up at the most vantage positions and sure enough I started getting the results pretty soon. Now sleep no longer eludes me and I know what needs to be done to take care of my business. Large posters have made things really easy for me.

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Chris Broad has a special liking for a variety of posters.Collecting different kinds of posters is his hobby.He is very dedicated towards his work.If you want to know more about Banners,Retractable Banner Stands and Large Posters visit


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