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Hd7700 Heavy Rhin-O-Tuff horizontal interchangeable die binding punch modular test


  • The Tuff Rhino takes HD7700H design and features of HD7700 and rotates the drilling mechanism for users who prefer a horizontal punching throat.
  • Although the machine is very different from the vertical 7700 this machine includes all features, including the ability to punch large chip tray, easy die change and heavy construction.
  • In fact, many users find that the HD7700-H is in fact a little easier to use the vertical impact HD7700. Especially for operators who are accustomed to using a punch of power that the GBC Magnapunch horizontal or 111PM.
  • The HD7700 is not only easy to use, but it also has many features that are simply not included in other blows binding. These help to set the HD7700 out from the competition.

Strengths / Features:

  • One of the most impressive things about HD7700H is its ability to penetrate. Depending on the configuration of boreholes is this machine can drill up to 55 sheets of paper same time.
  • Typically, the holes are more than trying to penetrate the sheets at a time, unless you can navigate. Therefore, this machine can punch 55 sheets paper by drilling a hole or three hole designs Velobind and only 40 sheets of paper to punch a 4:1 pitch spiral model coil. No punch other modular binding even comes close to these figures.
  • The Rhino Tuff HD7700 uses patented horizontal quick-change tooling. All it takes to change patterns of drilling is to release the locks to die and die slide age machines, you can drag a new set of dice in the slot and lock into place. Y catorce There are twelve standard dies for custom dies HD7700H give a wide range Options drilling with this machine.
  • Although other modular binding hits the market offers fourteen inch punching throat not all, of his death are fourteen inches wide. However, with all matrices 7700H are fourteen inches wide. This means that you can punch sheets of legal paper in a single step. In addition, her throat slit on this machine allows you to drill sheets and a two-step process of drilling.
  • The horizontal design the H-HD7700 makes it easy to use touch and easy to carry. For years, many are the most important and stringent quality horizontals and many experienced traders have come to prefer this approach. This machine comes with a pedal to operate the punch. However, users may require an inverter to penetrate the active role or a switch to palm push button drill.
  • When it comes to construction, HD7700H sets the standard for hard knocks. The case, internal components, craps and even the smart tray is an alloy of high strength steel and other metals. This machine is designed to be used every day in a high-volume printing or a link, no problem. The HD-7700H comes with a one year warranty provided on both the matrix and the machine that shows the degree of confidence that Rhino is on your computer.
  • Besides all these features I listed a number of other great things to help build this machine, in addition to its completion. It has an additional tray of chips and a great feature manual hand to help remove paper jams. It even has an LED screen to say if his death did not load properly.

Weaknesses and limitations:

  • A weakness of this machine is simply its size. To convert the HD7700 in a horizontal punch without completely overhaul the machine just happened on your end and Rhino is joined to a high base resistance. The resulting machine is massive. It weighs more than one hundred kilograms and measures 21 "x 21" x 19 ". This is a big machine.
  • The big claim to fame is that you can drill HD7700H more paper than any punch in the market. However, in my tests, the piercing quality was very poor when I tried to hit the maximum capacity of this unit. The holes were uneven and the paper became welded together by the force of the extreme that has been used to drill holes. In some cases, paper, even the belt between holes. To achieve better quality good punch that I had to drill half or less of the maximum. This was disappointing, especially for a machine that is often used to create jobs that customers pay a lot of money.
  • Drilling HD7700H is a solution of industrial products and as such, has a look industry. This is great for printing, binding or on the production floor. However, this machine will tend to excel as a sore thumb in an office environment. If you are concerned about aesthetics and the noise you want to find a place in his office that is out of public view to the machine.
  • When Rhin-O-Tuff HD7700 is now at the end and became a horizontal line, was ruined several characteristics of the machine. The vertical model can be combined with an automatic feeding system to be punched in a semi-automatic, and not horizontal. Similarly, vertical model is designed to have pieces of finishing equipment or a shelf to die stuck in the lid of the machine. The horizontal is not designed for that. His finishing equipment should have a place in your office or work area.
  • For the compare this machine to Magnapunch CBG (its main competitor), there is no doubt that this machine has more features. However, the Magnapunch a drilling cycle faster, a more elegant and most of my customers prefer to use this machine. It is easier to use, easy to change dies and less complicated than this machine.


  • The punch liaison HD7700 is ideal for horizontal high-volume printing, binding, copy shops and other organizations seeking a feature rich binding machine can punch a lot of paper at the same time.
  • It has a size of the throat punching Legal, a wide variety of stamps and is one of the best punches built binding that is available on the market.
  • The HD7700H was created for high volume users who prefer a horizontal line and you want a punch extremely durable.
  • However, users who are concerned about the quality of drilling, the lack of space and appearance may be considered Magnapunch CBG as an alternative to this machine. Magnapunch is faster, easier to use and has been the norm for heavy blows modular binding.


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