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Bleaching of hair and then dying in red?

My hair now is brown in color through, with a little color and slightly darker red to the same. I want my red hair Paramore ( ... I want the red in the top of your hair. I wondered if my hair bleaching, or in any other way to make it lighter .. wait a few days after bleaching, then die .. Is my red hair super fry out? My hair has a lot of natural oils to it, and never have shared the same goals blowing die every day. My hair is very thin. Any help is greatly appreciated!

Try using a semi-permanent red after the chlorine water, that way you can get the color you want without much damage. It fade faster than if you used a permanent red color, but their insurance.

Market, manufacturers need a car in 1500 dies

China's annual production of about 6.5 million gas and creating a common vehicle would need approximately 1,500 deaths, many engaged in other industries, mold makers, were more attracted the production car to die.
Fall 2007, the European Chamber of mold (mold euros) the first meeting held in Guangzhou "Asian version" in the first implementation of the International Guangzhou mold design and manufacturing technology exhibition (mold in Asia) in the market Chinese car, the hot mold like substance, related to various types car died in the promotion of new products and technologies, of course, became the center this exhibition.
mold in Asia in a dedicated area mold car "of the need to purchase automobile manufacturers to provide a platform to die single sourcing. During the exhibition, a series of technology forums, brought together Chinese and foreign experts and analysis of the Chinese automotive and dying world.
Hot car market dies
Since large car market in China (an annual production of about 6.5 million, the fourth largest in the world), many other sectors involved in mold makers, were more attracted by the production of the car die. Products on display from this point of view, many exhibitors were on display from manufacturers known bumpers, doors and all sorts of parts automobile interior.
We know that to create a common car should be around 1,500 killed, including about 1,000 of the matrix printing and more than 200 internal mold, with an increase in annual production of Chinese contemporary vehicles, foreign capital in China have established plants in the same time meet the demand red domestic demand and export demand for automotive mold die in China will certainly be Updated on a good opportunity.
Mold is not a good system of industrial development
While domestic automakers die die wait long but to shape the evolution of internal imbalances have also noteworthy. During the exhibition, Guangdong Province, China Die and Mould Industry Association President Automotive Yang South China mold die and Industry Development Forum was noted that Although automobile production alarming China, but many of them are well-known car brands of foreign capital investment and large scale production. Meanwhile, the stamping die to dominate a large part of the tradition of the industry, the imbalance of development Regional and progress emerged. For example, in Guangdong Province in south China's traditional sense of these vehicles will begin power of China Eastern, Shanghai, Changchun, northeast China to be late, especially with higher value added mainly for the manufacture of parts automotive stamping die, the South China market when the development of almost empty.
Yang Guohua and stated that the development of cars die in southern China is the bottleneck, the local mold makers mold making equipment is difficult to choose, while the presence of a high value-added automotive mold, stamping related technology to mold is not yet mature, and led to more resources from the main distribution vehicle terribly offensive. Yang is said now, the industry automobile in China are still in the mold integrate industry chain the need to import key technologies and advanced management tools, emphasis on the mastery of key technologies.
length of a bottom side challenges and opportunities in the
In fact, industry China's auto remains the mold and the advanced countries of the automotive manufacturing is a significant difference. In Europe and the United States and other countries, industry mold car mold in the total share of nearly half, compared to only 1 national / 3 molds products for the automotive industry, which deserves consideration.
While the automotive industry in China has not yet been translated technical modernization, does not change the global auto industry in general views China as the preferred model of automobile production base. The forum over steel exhibition Wudehuomu Tool (Uddeholm ToolAB) International Client Manager Geertvander Linden said in his speech that China and the Czech Republic is the production base in the world's most popular cars, it is very optimistic about the prospects for the Chinese market.
It should be noted that in addition to a large extent outside the vehicle, the current exhibition also presented a series of mobile phones, communication equipment and display components can be regarded as intelligent as a major effort to define the orientation of the industry, research on more sophisticated, better treatment effect, even on a new level. About the Author

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