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Can you suggest names for these legendary creatures?? It's easy ...?

Can you help me name the wild animals. Yes please, give me names différents.-a deer with horns like a unicorn. Nose a silver medal. saber-toothed tiger silver, a winged. polar dolphins half unicorn half-eagle, falcon half lion, half-orc Bufallo average, average and buffaloes using cranes, gulls wings with a bear half the wild sheep, wild parrots half a horse, half of the toucans and owls half, half eagle, a large snake giant ants that produce honey

I can give some ancient Greek words that match with the description: "a deer with a stick like a unicorn. monoceratephalus = monephalus or deer horn, a silver-plated rhinoceros. argyrhinos = Money horns (rhino) winged unicorn. Pteracerat = horn wings (the original Greek word unicorn monoceratus s) half eagle, half aetihierax = Eagle-Hawk hawk, a lion or borealeon arctoleon polar = lion northern half dolphin, half cetadelphin orcas, dolphins, with a = = Bear pterarctus Wings wings are a huge giant snake = snake megophis large ants produce honey honey-ant = melamyrmex But these two words are real animals: a wild sheep = ewe = a wild horse Tarpan

Six common questions about sterling silver jewelry

Sterling Silver Jewelry has been a popular product for thousands of years. A obvious reason is the affordability of gold and other precious metals platinum. The wide variety of sterling silver jewelry requires certain knowledge to choose the right piece and also keep in good condition as long as possible. Here are the most common questions about sterling silver jewelry.

How do I clean my sterling silver jewelry?
Depends. Usually, just use a soft jewelry (with two layers of different fabrics colors), you can get from a store jewelry accessories. Do not use a hard object to clean sterling silver jewelry, paper towels could even scratch the surface. You need to rub the dirt with a cloth jewelry, no nail. Silver-dip is another commonly used cleaning sterling silver jewelry, which can also be obtained from jewelry. Jewellery all the money is immersed in the solution for half a minute to a minute, then rinse with water. Sure that silver jewelry is plated all metal before using the silver lining is submerged or damaged.

Where Can I store sterling silver jewelry?
It is very important to maintain sterling silver jewelry properly when not in use. The ideal place to store sterling silver jewelry is cool and protected from direct sunlight. The heat and the light turns yellow silver jewelry and the case to tarnish quickly. Even the inner source of light such as fluorescent lamps and light bulbs turn the color of silver jewelry with time. If you do not expect to take a long fixed, put it in an airtight bag and store in a drawer.

What kind of silver jewelry plating are there?
Unlike gold and platinum, however, pure silver is rather unstable and oxides rather quickly. Therefore, jewelry Silver usually with a metal money safe spots. There are two types of plates for the silver jewelry: nickel and rhodium. Nickel has and more whitish rhodium has a darker tone. Rhodium is used for jewelry in gold and platinum and white plate is much more expensive than nickel, and give a better protection money below. In addition, silver jewelry is not plated. For example, jewelry, high polished sterling silver coating does not surface and polished to shine machine. In addition, "oxidized silver" jewelry is oxidized to give a dark antique look and is not plated with a metal.

How How do I know the purity of my silver jewelry?
The purity of sterling silver refers 92.5% silver in the alloy. To confirm the purity, the metal must be sent to a laboratory for analysis. However, most sterling silver jewelry produced nowadays has a "925" to indicate the seal of authenticity jewelry. Although there are cases where stamps are fake and the metal is not silver or the purity is not as described, are very rare.

What burning resizing and such?
Engraving and resizing of sterling silver rings, the melting point is quite simple because of the ductility and relatively low. But Make sure your jeweler understands the process of refinishing the ring and the equipment needed to do so. Not all jewelers have rhodium finishing team, after cutting and the welding of the ring. Also, rings with stones are sometimes not resizable because resizing the stones could lead to the exit. parameters include channel and invisible.

"I can use sterling silver jewelry, if I am allergic to nickel?
Yes just as the jewels are sterling silver-plated with nickel. Even rhodium plated sterling silver jewelry sometimes contains a layer nickel between silver and rhodium to act as an adhesive. Therefore, you can only buy jewelry from high polished sterling silver, if you are allergic to nickel.

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