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Stand floss? The last question?

All right. I simply asked how to get large reels the thread in smaller reels. I had several great answers. I replied that I think is a good idea. I was told to stand more. My questions are this time, how I can learn how to use this mean? How I can know if they are compatible with my sewing machine? I SE270D Brother. He has a string of tape. Should the wind of the tape through wire? Does anyone know of a website that will teach me to use my machine with a wire stand? Im new to this machine of the mark. Thank you very much!

You need a support wire cone. No matter what type of machine you have. The wire holders stand out from your machine and run the wire in it. Are you sure that you have purchased an embroidery thread machine at home?? Never heard of them from a reel of a cone. Many decorative thread is, but it is not for home embroidery machines.

Metallic son â € "a brief introduction

The wire manufacturing processes

son are generally made of metal strips of a synthetic film, such as polyester, coated metal particles. In method In addition, strips of aluminum foil sandwiched between layers of film. son metal may also be running a metal strip around a core yarn of natural or human, producing a metal surface. Thin film is supported by nylon or polyester or rayon yarn according to the type of wire.

Start over as rolls of films or sheets of 30 "or more. These rolls are divided into range narrow rolls 2" to 5 " wide. These narrow rolls are gang slit across its width to the width of the microphone and 1 / 128 inch (0078) and wider, then collected in plastic spools for shipment textile mills.

There is a rainbow of colors available in red, blue, green, etc. with gold and silver. Shiny, reflective colors add decorative patterns on fabrics.

Uses metal son

son metal are woven, braided, woven and fashionable fabrics and many embellishments. To vary the wire twisted together with other fibers such as wool, nylon, blends of cotton and yarn synthetic construction that add the effects of novelty or Final Cut fabric. They create all the more striking textile products, adding shine.

In one time or another, the son have been used in almost all varieties of textiles. son metal used in the manufacture of fabrics is knitted and wovens, embroidery, labels, etc. Some end uses have been in the automotive fabrics, woven TV before, towels and washcloths, vestments, swimwear, hosiery, upholstery, hat bands, etc. Also on the clothing of theater, falls theater doll clothing, flags and uniforms.

Fabric Care with son metal

Specialized PERC dry cleaning is the favorite for the money. wash your hands with cold water and Woolite is the only method offered money. Never wash with bleach. Threads containing tissue to be treated like all synthetic fabrics. Ironing must be low in iron. If there is a thermostat in the iron, do not use iron. Do not use steam when ironing son metal.

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