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Where I can find or make custom stickers for my big window in the rear car?

I know a print job online from a large window sticker / decals for vehicles that offer free graphic design and navigation in everything and are cheap in the market with products high quality.

What is the fascination with stickers in America?

While stickers are a global phenomenon, it seems that Americans are more fascinated by the use of others. When driving on roads and streets of the United States does not know what you can find stamped on one of them. So when did all this start? Well, before you had to have bumper cars, which did not occur until 1927 with the introduction of the model Henry Ford. The first stickers Calling all stickers and is not attached to the bumper by son. These first began to appear just before the start of the Second World War and were quite large. The first person to make stickers that can be attributed to a forest bumper is estimated to Gill, a silkscreen printer from Kansas who began to make the decal in the 1930s.

stickers are used a variety of reasons, most of which are simply to let others know what the driver's vision is a problem, make a statement or simply to be funny. The most common use is the means of advertising for political campaigns and in the 1940s with politicians who distribute their constituents to announce the support of all. During the election period, you will see a large increase in this type of political stickers, but never eliminate some fervent supporters, even if their candidate loses.

Any other use of stickers a support role is to show stickers printed with the logo your favorite team or the name of the team who plays for his son. In the same order are those that express pride in the accomplishments of a child as an honor student or parents of children with something like the military: "My son is a U.S. Marine."

Sometimes it's fun to just read some of the stickers on the cars you see happen to be behind me, are very revealing of personality someone. If you are behind someone who surf shop stickers on the back of his car, which are most likely in the waves. If you see someone on his religious principles in general, people are very serious and frank about their faith. And it is undeniable that any person who has a political sticker that says simply "W" is a die hard Republican.

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