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RE: How do you go about "fixing" a lock jaw carpet fabric for a pillow?

Is the iron in the tape work and hem for fixing the latch hook rug with a pillow? Sewing Is it better? If so, what point is it used?

I believe that low iron content the band would be very difficult to use for this project, and I do not think are good. I had to sew in place. You probably have a part structure the same size as the connected equipment. Put the two together to reverse cons. This means that the diffuse part is in contact with good side support. If it were me, it is this point I would like to point out that the two levels, then "water" the two layers with very careful not to catch the clumps of wool in fashion. "Brush" is temporary sewing manual to replace the pins, so you can more easily seam permanent. If you stitch by hand (I use a small machine stitch back) or (my choice) does not really make a difference. Sew three sides together, then turn upside down (which now means that the side is blurred out, like the end. Now you can put the filling inside. Then turn into the side edges first and last thing at hand. It seems much more complicated to describe what is in stock. If you ask someone who sews, you can display without any problem. In my small town, ask the ladies at a fabric or craft store, or tissue, crafts, WalMart section. You sweet, a soft pillow to hug this winter!

Buy Laptop

Buying a laptop

Size Matters

Size and weight are important considerations when buying a laptop. If you travel a lot, opt for a laptop that is lightweight. computers portable weight range one to four kg. Although weight control, including everything done in connection with the laptop, the adapter or external drives.

See screen

The screen size directly affects the size, and most cases, the weight of the laptop. The largest screen, the largest of the laptop. A voluminous book will be a problem for use in confined spaces like an airplane.

Power Struggle

Although the performance is not the criterion most important when buying a laptop, make sure you get enough power for the applications you use or plan to use. While 256 MB of RAM should be sufficient for most advanced users should opt for a minimum of 512 MB.

All work and no play?

If you want to play 3D games, or plan to use your laptop for some graphics-intensive applications, choose a model that has good graphics. Available options include Mobility Radeon 7500, 9700 and GeForce FX Go5200. These will give you better graphics by compared to commonly used platforms.

Go Wirefree

capacity most laptops today offer Check Wi-Fi Wi-Fi standard compatible with the model you are considering buying. An 802.11 b / g device data gives a better performance compared with 802.11b.


Check if the laptop can be updated at a later stage. Some options to consider when you upgrade your laptop is RAM, CPU and hard drive. Updates to something you can do, or require visits to a service center?

Build quality is important

Since laptops are designed for be carried around, the quality of construction is essential. Choose a laptop that has a sound structure that can withstand strong shocks and bumps. The optical drive tray, door hinges and the lock on the screen, the upper panel of the keyboard, and the body are generally good indicators of quality construction.

Warranty issues

The warranty is also important. Be sure to get a comprehensive guarantee, if you travel abroad frequently. Even if you do, make sure the service center is easily accessible in terms of location and distance if you have a problem

corrected quickly.


Most laptops these days come with a combo DVD / CD-RW by default. Make sure the laptop is going to buy a Combo drive, but a DVDWriter. Reader combo lets you play DVDs and burn CDs.

Location scanner

Check the location of the optical drive. A scanner at the front can be an obstacle while working in the area reduced, or when the laptop is placed on knees.

Big is better

Notebooks that come with all the screens offer a better viewing experience film. They are also useful when working with large tables. Also, look decent integrated speakers quality, if you like movies and motion music.

Hot Laps

Make sure the laptop is to buy is not too hot after some time. A laptop in your lap heat can pose a serious risk to health!


The Most laptops come with 40 GB disks If this seems insufficient, see if you can get an upgrade to a larger disk capacity hard. rotation speed of the device also affects performance. While the 4200 RPM drives are the most frequent finding more rpm disks drives for better performance.

Go Legal

When you buy a laptop, make sure that comes with software Legal. Some suppliers can not give legal copies of software. Verify that the software provided with your laptop is in an original CD, and has a license software or registration number.

Portable Drivers

Check and make sure you get all the necessary drivers on a disk with the laptop. A recovery disk is also preferable, and will be very useful in case of system failure.

Options Connectivity

The available ports on a laptop is defined types and number of devices can be connected. Most laptops come with 56K modems, integrated 10/100 Ethernet and at least the laptop will RJ11 and RJ45 ports to connect a telephone cable and the cable network, respectively. Normally, you should get at least two USB ports, a port to connect a parallel printer, a VGA port to connect a projector or an external monitor and an audio output and microphone input ports for connecting speakers and a microphone, respectively. PC card slots are also indispensable, and you should check the types of PC cards that are compatible. An infrared port, if any, will connect compatible devices like mobile cellular to your laptop, while a FireWire port lets you connect digital devices such as video cameras. Look for these ports if you still feel are necessary at a later stage. Additional ports, such as S-video output are also welcome!

With one hand

Some models of laptops, especially those with larger screens have two insurances that require the use both hands to open the device. This can be a disadvantage in some situations, for example, when you're on the phone. Search laptop that has a lock inside.


Most laptops today have keyboards. Make sure the laptop plans to buy one that is large and offers a flexible and smooth control of the needle. Some laptops also provide pointing sticks that the pointing device. Go to the person with whom you feel most comfortable.

Card Reader

If you own a digital camera or other device to use a memory card (like SD, MMC, CF or Memory Stick), it is logical buying a laptop that has an integrated memory card reader. This way, you can transfer data to and from card without having to buy a memory card reader independent. Check the card reader in the laptop is compatible with the type of card memory.


Some laptops are equipped with navigation buttons with the keyboard keys to allow vertical and / or horizontal scrolling of large documents. Some also have shortcut keys to launch your favorite applications.

Additional Features

Other features, including integrated Bluetooth, biometric security, cameras and lighting keyboard embedded Web are available on selected models. Because these additional features also affect on charging the laptop, choose the one that has the features you need.

Shortcuts to success

Create shortcuts to your most used folders and files on the desktop. This way, you can access them quickly. If clutterfree like office can also create custom toolbars in Windows XP. To do this, right click in the Windows taskbar, go to "Toolbars and click on" New Toolbar. Then, select the drive or folder that you want accessible using toolbar. You can create different toolbars for different drives and folders. To remove a toolbar that is added right click on the Windows taskbar, go to "Toolbars, and deselect the toolbar. This is useful for business managers who want easy access to presentations, proposals and other information today.

Startup Faster

To make your laptop faster startup, remove unwanted programs from the start. To do this, go to Start> Run, type "msconfig" and press [Enter]. Go to the Startup tab and uncheck all programs that you do not need. Click "OK Exit", then click 'without having to reboot. The program is not checked not work the next time you start.

Clean Up the Junk

Uninstall all applications that use not. In addition to saving disk space, you can also prevent your laptop slowdown.

Be resourceful

Keep a backup copy of the operating system, drivers and applications commonly used in a secondary partition, so you can make some return to install on their own if they encounter problems during the trip. CD Carry and driver recovery discs you.

Prevention is better than cure

Since a laptop can connect to different networks, and the office of a customer, for example, is essential to use a good anti-virus and firewall. Updating virus definitions frequently. An anti-spyware program is recommended.

Not being an idiot

Being a care in the performance of the laptop. Do not expose to jolts and shocks. This will prevent damage to the hard drive and valuable data on this. Preferably, the power of the computer Mobile before moving from one place to another.

Laptops, Dusty is not impressed

Protect Notebook PC dust. Clean your laptop to prevent dust accumulation. Do not leave your laptop on the ground and ensure vent all grates are clean so that air can circulate properly.

Mixed Drinks and portable No

Avoid beverages while working on your laptop. Do not place containers of hot or cold drinks near your laptop, to minimize the chances a stroke.

Protect your laptop

Do not leave your laptop without unattended in a car or at a client's office. Be careful when you go to a restaurant or use public transport.

Backup, backup, backup!

Keep backups of all your important files and emails in a safe place like your desktop or external drive. This way, you always have your valuable data, even if your laptop is stolen.

Tidal Power

Use a surge protector to protect your laptop against surges.

battery status

A new battery must be packaged should be loaded and unloaded several times before you can use its full capacity.

Leave the power management for professionals

Use portable power management features to improve battery life. You can configure the device to turn off the LCD and hard drive after fixed time intervals.

Screen Scream

Pigs show a high power battery. To extend battery life, dim the screen when connected to a power source.

Close applications

Close all applications not in use when running on the battery. Running applications increased CPU utilization, thereby shortening battery.


external peripherals and accessories such as external optical drives, PC cards and lighting energy consumption of the USB keyboard of the computer Portable. Disconnect all devices when not in use.

Hang your laptop

Start your laptop when not connected to a power source is based a lot of battery power. Instead of shutting down your laptop computer in the middle of a meeting, choose the "sleep" mode if you want to use it again after a short period of time.

Entertainment is bad for the battery

Playing games with graphics intensive, videos or music drains the battery quickly. Close all applications when the battery to extend battery life.

Security Wear

A travel bag is essential to your laptop. There are a variety of options available. Choose one that meets your needs and your budget. In addition to being robust, you should choose one that has a padded shoulder strap has enough space to carry additional items such as power adapter, CDs, documents, external hard drives, mouse and a cell phone. Some laptop bags also serves overnighters.

Running a mouse

Users who do not find the key to easy laptop must choose to use an external mouse. Although you can use a standard desktop mouse with your laptop, specially designed notebook mice are available. These are smaller and easier to carry. Some even come with retractable cables to reduce the tangle of cables that you need to go. You can also opt for a wireless mouse. Most use the new USB interface, make sure you have a USB port on your computer Portable.

Go to channel Backgrounds

Those who use their laptop as main computer may want to invest in an external keyboard, mouse, and even a larger monitor. This will be the closest to the feel of a standard desktop computer.

Additional Connectivity

Some models of laptops can connect to the port replicators and docking stations compatible. These devices allow greater functionality by providing additional ports and external drives.


A USB is a useless piece of equipment for the transfer of small amounts of data between computers. They are very useful in situations where, for example, you want to upload a presentation or a proposal to sell your client PC in his office. Some USB comes with optional password protection and provide a place safe to store confidential files. Instead of storing those files on portable hard drive, Just take with you on the USB drive. You can work directly in down once the drive is connected. This way, your confidential files are not on their way into the hands of criminals, even if your computer is stolen.

More power

An extra battery is a good investment if you plan to stay away from making power for long.

When in Rome ...

Different countries have different types of outlets. Therefore, control and wear the appropriate type. If you're a world traveler, use a universal adapter. Offers a variety of different plug types that allows you to connect the outputs Power adapter laptop anywhere in the world.


Invest in a Kensington lock to prevent your laptop is stolen. A Kensington lock cable with a solid that can be looped around the leg of a table or a chair, then crashed into a slot in the notebook, which prevents anyone from leaving with the device. Some of the top models also Lock feature and motion detectors emit high-pitched sounds, if any movement is detected.

Boasting Journey

If you love movies and music on the laptop and find the built-in speakers good enough, you can buy speakers External specially designed for mobile users. They are extremely compact and easy to carry. energy Most of the computer laptop or your own set of batteries. These speakers can not provide the surround sound experience, but certainly a better sound than most portable speakers integrated. However, if you want to watch a movie or listen to music while riding in an airplane or a train, it makes sense to buy a good set of headphones to avoid disturbing other passengers.

More Shop

An external hard drive is a good option if you want to carry large files without filling your portable hard drive.

Recharge your mobile phone from your laptop

If you're a cell phone junkie and find that the cell phone battery is unable to give enough juice, you can buy a USB charger for your phone. They are useful for people who remain on the road for most of the day and not be able to access a socket to recharge their mobile phones. USB chargers are available for most commonly available brands of cell phones and energy USB port of your laptop to charge your cell phone. However, this will also reduce the laptop battery so make sure your laptop battery is charged enough to see through until it can connect to a socket.

Increase the number of USB ports

If you do not have enough USB ports on your laptop to connect all your devices, use a hub USB.

This Light Up

In light of the keyboard is a good buy for those who want to work on their laptop without disturbing their neighbors in a long-haul flight or their spouses in the room. The light clips on the top of the laptop, the USB port is powered, and enlighten the keyboard so that you can work in the dark.

Other Stuff

A range of accessories including batteries, wireless cards for PCs, Wi-Fi USB Adapter USB Bluetooth adapter, external optical drives and portable coolers are available. Browse distributors local stores and online, and are sure to find what you want.

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