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How I can make mold rubber latex?

Latex is good for the mold to any object

Making the most of artificial plants

If you have decided to beautify your home or office using plants and artificial plants are the best option, requires little maintenance and have significantly improved the design of recent decades.

artificial plants today, the trees and flowers are very realistic and not even try "imperfections'm very tactile" and ". Today there are many artificial plant models available, including 20 years would have been impossible to make, such as: - "Orchids real contact, ivy and palm plants suspended Kurrajong, bonsai, Yucca, and more. In recent years, due to technological advances in the manufacturing process quality and color of artificial flora has become an innovative and creative. Always evolving and technically difficult, as designers are more complex ideas reproduce the natural beauty of flowers and plants.

If you are looking for artificial plants, you may want consider the following:

1. artificial foliage are manufactured from a wide range of fabrics, polyester mostly in Because of its low cost. Generally, however, the polyester fiber longer life and responds positively to the environment of the tissue used for leaf color. It is very suitable for the heat treatment used in molding the shape of leaves and the queues and the cables used to stabilize and maintain the shape. The foliage may also be coated polyester latex, which increases the "real key" effect.

2 logs. root / branches

Artificial trees partially constructed from organic materials (like newspapers real trees, branches and bark) is the leaf stems attached to the artificial wood. Usually not recommended for outdoor use. climatic factors and other factors affecting looks easy (organic, after all). Even inside, the attention should be paid because the moisture can cause mold if left unattended. Real trunks and branches are largely inflexible - you can not move or adjust the shape.

3 logs. synthetic or branches

Most of the trunks and branches of artificial trees are constructed from the PU / PVC or allow more flexibility and long-term sustainability. trunks PU PVC pipe can be used inside to maintain shape and stability, or steel cables so they can be easily folded. The branches are wired steel inside that makes them easier to bend and shape. PU and PVC trunks become the most popular choice because of the authentic appearance and generally low maintenance. These materials are also Recommended for outdoor use because they are not easily damaged or subject to weather.

Finally, if your Artificial inside or outside, be sure to dust the leaves once a month, and / or use a spray to clean silk flowers. Polymers used in modern artificial lose moisture over a period of several years, silk flowers and spray cleaner conditioners will keep the tender leaves. There are several on the market. They are inexpensive and help keep your beautiful silk in the best conditions.

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