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Looking for chess pieces of plaster casts?

I'm looking for all the sites that sell plaster (not plastic or latex) Chess ceramic molds. Until I can find plastic, but I need GYPSUM, anyone know of any sites?

It seems that E Bay is your best bet

What a natural latex mattress and organic is better than artificial?

If you are looking for latex mattresses are 2 varieties, natural synthetic. To see which type is best for you two opinions is essential. A natural organic latex mattress is created from rubber tree sap. It is quite natural, no chemicals were added substances, so it is healthier.

There are many advantages to using natural organic latex mattresses. organic latex is hypoallergenic and antimicrobial and almost immune to dust mites. This makes it an excellent alternative for people suffering asthma or allergies. It is also resistant to many other things such as fires, pests and mold. Be resistant to various things one reason why a substance long term. Natural latex mattress can easily last more than thirty years.

Natural latex is organic. Given that it is produced from the sap of a rubber tree is perfectly viable and can be recycled at the end of his life. In these modern times of concern by many chemicals, ruining the atmosphere is a good feeling to realize that this type of mattress will increase not our environmental problems.

Synthetic latex is not natural, but made up of chemicals and it is also known as Syntex. He is not sustainable, biological or chemical that can cause irritation or allergic reactions in some people. However, they have an advantage. Syntex is cheaper than established latex organic mattresses.

A couple of the main manufacturing methods are approaches Dunlop and Talalay and differ in their process production. The Talalay process is highly sophisticated. It has many steps, a little air is whipped into foam, filling the mold with the mixture of latex, vacuum and freezing. This will help make a product more durable and stable.

Once the process is completed the finished building through quality control to ensure compliance with its rules. This technique creates a latex which has a composition more consistent cell that allows a large amount of air that is dispersed in the product. The additional air is alleged to enlarge the comfort and life mattress. production technology can create the finest Talalay latex mattress organic natural that you can find, but the technical complexity that makes the final product very expensive.

Dunlop technique is the method most commonly used nowadays and it's almost as if the process Talalay, but omits some of procedures, especially vacuum and freezing measures. This method creates a dense and firm mattress, however, the cellular composition is less systematic. But This methodology has been around for over 50 years and has proven to create mattresses that are very resistant and durable. These two strategies are mattresses organic latex last long and be very comfortable for sleeping.

The number one criteria for many people is the comfort of the beds. inflatable latex beds are beneficial while giving support. The bounciness is determined by the size and number of small holes are drilled in the latex, known as name pin-holes. More holes are more suggestive of bedding. You can find latex mattresses that are soft, medium, firm or extra firm, depending on the size of the holes. In addition to creating a more comfortable bed, fell holes in friction within the latex that will extend battery life.

To make things more complicated, the holes can be customized. As an alternative to drilling holes and evenly spaced throughout the whole the mattress, you can choose the one that is completely different sizes of holes in several sections. This will make the mattress firmer or softer in the desired locations. If you are puzzled about what to buy the variety, you should read some comments in latex mattresses because they can help you make a decision. However, whatever is chosen, a natural organic latex mattress is good for the environment, health and long-term friendly and offers quality and comfort exceptional.

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Latex mattresses are very comfy and supportive. You can find out more regarding the differences between a synthetic and organic latex mattress,  the value of a latex mattress topper, or read more latex mattress reviews.


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