Lavender Lace Angel

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How I can determine the size of the image you need for a cross stitch piece?

I recently bought a completed piece of point Cross and Angel love lavender lace. The design is 9 3 / 4 "x 17 1 / 2", the size of the entire room is 20 3 / 4 "x 23 1 / 2". Is there some basic rules to determine what format the image to use here? There's a picture:

The only rule is that all this is yours. All you need to determine if using a more or less the amount of tattered backdrop to view. In the picture you provided, there is a lot of underlying index, so that the framework used is not much larger than the 9 3 / 4 "x 17 1 / 2" size of the angel. Most of the yellow fabric To view the most comprehensive, you will need. You should also consider whether to add to the room mats framed. As with a photograph, picture mats can improve the presentation (but also means that you may require a broader framework.) I suggest taking the room with you at a store and try it in different contexts, to see why you think the air better. If you go to a store with a framing service, you can also play with different styles of images and if you are interested in it, mate styles / colors. I've included some links to useful articles on the subject are written by people with experience in these matters. (Never I've gone as far as the development of a piece. Maybe I'll dig my tub of semi-finished cross stitch and get to work on that!) Good luck with your training and hope works well .. this angel is really a beautiful piece, so I'm sure that you choose will be wonderful! As part of your favorite Cross Stitch Better Homes & Gardens section images of "Set Yourself"

Unique Bridal Shower Favors

If you plan to do the knot, one of the first things you need to plan how to do her bachelorette party unforgettable. There are many unique wedding favors, shower which are available to any bride would choose. Some large to consider:

Holder Portfolio - Available in 3 colors beautiful floral design accented with rhinestones, this cart bag is the basket on the table to keep your wallet or purse near you so that you do not forget, or is placed on a dirty floor.

Corco Wallet - Croco wallet is elegant practical and colorful - available in shades of black, pink, red and brown, these functional little bags and stay organized ... an edge of fashion.

Shower Gel Custom Bridal - your bridesmaids and guests to enjoy with this lightly scented gel ... embraced with the scent of sweet peas and violets, is a flirty blend everyone is sure to enjoy!

Izzy Straw Gift Bag - Your the Girls like to have preferred these unique bags with their summer straw bag of gifts and the memory of her bachelorette party - come in various models and can also add other goodies like lip gloss, soaps and other goodies.

Manicure Bag - Single mini vinyl bag color that includes a mini manicure to go and come in beautiful colors, pink, blue, lavender and white pearl.

Mini Floral Jewelry Box - old Mini floral design legged best finish jeweler - for jewelry like earrings, rings and silver necklaces and earrings in the chain, but is not enough for most jewelry.

Makeup Bag - Available in several colors and patterns, mini cosmetic bag is made of printed fabrics in Asia unique because no tissue is cut exactly alike.

Lady of honor dress envelopes - These adorable scented sachets in the form of "ladies dresses of honor are scented with lavender and gently perfume bridesmaids your drawers "Drawers pajamas or underwear - available in a variety color with a silver metal hook for easy viewing.

Black Lace Corset Potpourri - scented form of black lace corset Potpourri beautiful makes a great gift for the bride and her bridal shower guest favor - perfect as a decoration for the bedroom or in a bag of linen drawers.

These are some of the favors that you can consider for their own farewell party. We hope that this summary of interesting and unique products can make your choice easier!



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