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Where I can find the ears of Mickey Mouse birthday cake?

I want a level of 3-Mickey and his friends birthday cake my son. The top layer, I would like to have Mickey ears. Does anyone have any ideas for an article that could put on the cake for the ears? I prefer not to leave the fondant, because I do not think that would be fine. And the Mickey ears hat is fabric so I can do I'm not sure it would work.

Try using Oreo cookies or wagon wheels. Jump to some for more than Mickey Mouse Party Ideas Party Guy

Wedding Decoration

As a wedding planner and wedding cake decorating, my motivation is to provide the pomp and glamorous wedding in time and the patience of budget.With can and must. If you're not ready for the challenge, then hire a wedding planner. Your wedding day, including receiving their marriage and the wedding will be a representation of you, introduced his guest at the wedding. If know someone crafty, a friend or relative you can trust and depend a bit tricky and you will be extremely useful.

Add elegance and glamor to your wedding and wedding reception with tulle and ribbon.Tulle is very important in the design elegance of marriage. Your local craft and fabric stores have a variety of ribbons and tulle. Check all. Yes, check all until you find the perfect ribbon and tulle. Tulle is very cheap, a little bit, put a house and see if you can match your wedding theme and colors. The same applies to the band you choose.

You can buy tulle with sequins or rhinestones embedded in it, and it is beautiful when covered, and reflects light. You can also purchase a package section of small bulbs or lamps wedding at Wal-Mart. String floral wire through it and attach a copy of the arc of the Bank. They last a very long time, and for me it was worth the price of stylish lighting affect da. If you decide to choose bearings tulle, which always has a sparkle to it, you can use to wrap wedding favors. Cut square, put a candle or candy mints in it, meet at the top and tie a ribbon or ribbon personalized with the bride and groom name and wedding date with her.

Ribbon: Ribbon flexible wire, retains shape, and very easy to work so this is my favorite band to use in decorating for weddings, bridal bouquets. Also, not to mention the brilliance that gives Glitter Band for the price of money is going to happen. You can use the band and tulle to put between the layers of wedding cake if your wedding cake is several levels, or use the ribbon cable to make bows for the wedding cake table. Connect the arches Bench clips to the bow, and attach to your wedding cake table. You will need the bank before clips booty for the fall and tulle. You can find stores sacks clips bank art.

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