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Question rag quilts?

I want to make a rag quilt in an easy and very fast. I thought about making cakes "layer" that are 10x10 pre-cut cotton. Because they have a type zigag on board, I wonder how banks reduce both Ravel. I made a heavy rag flannel quilt but my sewing needles machine may not have the thickness ~ broke 2 on my latest project .... I'm anxious to try a quilt with a cotton towel inside the square stick. Thoughts?? I am a quilter a new collector and I am teaching I am learning as I go. I do not know the caliber of the needle where ~ "I can get this information? The machine was a gift and came with a packet of needles ~ when it was replaced by another one. I'm really wondering if you think a zig zag type of edge to the march. Let's say that I think precut flannel squares used instead ~ when I clip on the edges and wash and dry if you think you might Ravel? Thanks!

I suppose it is Cutting blade edge with a bang? Were mixed, too, as the clip. (Incidentally, I suggest that before washing the first time, make a giant pillow case a sheet and sew the quilt inside. It will keep all the cowardly son of damaging your washing machine. In fact, the wash twice before removing the foil.) Job fine smooth cotton duvets as well - I've seen done with a terrible family cloth or denim. At about the size of the needle you want at least a 14/90, and perhaps 16 or 18 years earlier post, he said. The size of the package must be in needles, and can be purchased for a few dollars in any package that sells fabrics. Get a pair, and it should change every 8-10 hours of sewing, even if they are broken. The package comes with your machine is probably a mix and probably had more one of the correct size. By the way, has a lot of good information stitching - you can find it worth a look.

Edith cake that moved the French

Twenty-three chefs who cooked for world rights and heads of state (The Club des Chefs of Heads) have summer 1987 visit to the United States, invited to dinner with our best finest chefs had to offer. What impressed them most? Lunch at an Amish farm in Pennsylvania, where they ate homegrown potatoes, green beans and cream corn, grilled chicken and ham cooked, washed down with root beer house tea with mint and served by the family on a farm filled with handmade quilts.

They were stunned. Fortunately, therefore, it seems. The chief French President said: "The kitchen has evolved. No actual product is made as it is, and suddenly we were presented with that ".

But the desserts impressed. Especially one who could not name. A they described as a light "Gingerbread (Gingerbread) with a layer chocolate filling. Gilles Brunner, chef to Prince Rainier of Monaco, was so impressed by the cake, which he described as a chocolate gingerbread, that have tried to obtain recipe. His request was denied.

The Amish family did not want to reveal his true identity, that refusal was largely hampered efforts to identify the cake as well. Research by Phyllis Richman, director of food after the Washington Post, seemed to indicate that serves apple pie Amish mystery was with chocolate icing, and the Post published a version of it contributed by Betty Groff, a cookbook author from Pennsylvania Dutch country.

That apple pie was more or less what our family has been enjoying since my father married Edith Kennedy in 1977, Edith and the family had enjoyed before? His daughter, Lorenelle Doll, who gave me the recipe, said he was a favorite of my father and husband Arnie Lorenelle. (Far-I know Edith did not eat all of a French chef.)

I like to think that the version of Edith is better than Betty Groff, because the recipe says "Frost with vanilla or chocolate frosting, if desired." Whereas Edith gives a recipe for chocolate frosting made with butter. And IMHO the glaze made with butter is better than the elegant icing made without. I am not implying that Edith frosting is humble. It is not. It is purely beautiful, just like his cake.

Edith Kennedy Glidewell went to be with her Lord in March 2002, but before she welcomes many hearts in many ways, this apple cake at least one of them.

EDITH Apple Cake

Beat butter 1 / 2 cup butter softened or and 1 cup sugar. Add 1 egg and beat. Mix in applesauce 1-1/2 cup.

Sift 2 cups flour, 1 c. tea. baking powder 1 tsp to tea. soda 1 tsp tea. salt, 1 tsp tea. cinnamon, 1 / 2 c. tea. allspice, 1 / 2 c. tea. teaspoon nutmeg and 1 / 4. cloves. Add to applesauce mixture with 1 cup raisins and 3 / 4 cup chopped walnuts.

Greasing una 9 "x 12" pan and sprinkle with flour. Add cake mix and bake at 350 degrees 50 to 60 minutes until the top center of cake springs when touched. Frost with chocolate frosting when cool.

Chocolate Frosting: Combine in a saucepan thick bottom or a water bath baking unsweetened chocolate 1 cup milk Plaza, 1 cup sugar, 1 / 4 cup butter and 1 / 3. Bring to a boil, stirring constantly, and cook 1 minute. Cool and beat until frosting has a satin finish.

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