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Where I can get a necklace?

I have an idea for a necklace I really want, but I can not find anything like it, nobody knows Commission where I could have someone do one? What I have in mind is like black leather ... and a little metal / diamond. I can not imagine a Jewl I can do that, their punk surfer meet live that kind of thing:]

Depends on where you live? I had some necklace and earrings handmade by a lady of Dulwich, London. I went to a fair and met there. If you search on Google, I'm sure you can find someone. It is helpful to have your design made by a good teacher, but because one piece large and would look great once its compounds. You can also try taking a jewelry making class at night and you never know could be a sign of race. Good luck, be nice to see the final result!

How to wear the little black dress

The black dress

The simple black dress with class and has seen weddings, funerals, parties, raves, and anniversaries. However, a simple black dress can be a bit annoyed with the frequent, and accessories are becoming a necessity at some point. Fortunately, the Black goes with almost however, it is not very difficult to wear a black dress

The beauty of the black dress is that you can create many different aspects of it. A black dress is a must in every womans wardrobe. "On one night at a business meeting, the dress Black can provide both at home - and for the next event easily. There are so many things you can do to dress up, dress down and adapt any situation.

Keep clean and pressed. A lint brush is your best friend. If you do not, you can buy one or try to keep your clothes very clean and free of lint and pet hair.

Decide on a decorative element color and turn the rest of his team around him.


large earrings or a necklace that is striking is an excellent how to dress up your little black dress. It is important to remember that if you wear big earrings, the necklace should be subtle, or if you use a necklace of large earrings with should be simple.

For evening, seeking to add luster to jewelry. Consider slip on bracelets of precious stones and silver heels.

If you want to use the black dress to a dance, You can add a pearl necklace or maybe a few diamonds. If you use a pearl necklace, try to use multiple threads in different lengths.

A simple pair of pearls, elaborate facilities, and a few inches of heel can dress up any outfit.

A wonderful brooch Favorites at the top of the dress can make a difference in the team. You can use the PIN of the hip, the classic ground to the top of the chest just in front of the dress below your shoulder or how about just a wrap-cut dress to the point where the fabric meets the neckline. Maintain fabric in place and prevents it from passing. Gold, silver, or color: the clip can not match the shoes, jewelry or make a statement of their own. A pin adds a nice touch for clothes, especially if it is interesting or old vintage brooch.

Wear a necklace round beads for a trendy look. Choose your color and loop around twice.

If you want your look should be casual and fun, wearing tight neon-colored tights under her dress. Then add pieces of sparkling jewelry. O layer bracelets, necklaces and rings for a casual look.


Add colored tights for a simple black dress. The mesh is added a touch of color - is half of all the colors of the rainbow sky, the dress is black, you have a choice in every home.

To flesh-colored mesh to match the color of the skin in the legs, and add a pair of cute shoes. Plain black floors and unadorned Search Office casual, while a pair of red high heels can add a little excitation.

Wear the dress with stockings in fall / autumn and winter heat and add the color.

Wear socks color matching nail polish, hair accessories and / clothing or jewelry for all styles of black dress.


Switching to another pair of shoes to change the appearance. Shoes can make a totally different dress Look, if you choose flats or high heels, the higher the factor the greater the effect of shoes will be hidden.


Wear a single pair round earrings and black pumps and a pair of spider silk wrap. Spider silk wrapped earrings and proud look at the research and whether, in a warm color.

Add a cute pair of shoes. The colors can be easily modified, depending the appearance that you are going for. Plain black floors and unadorned office more casual look, while a pair of red high heels can add a little excitement.

To add a little spice to a computer, choose shoes that are metal or bright colors. For very formal occasions, Metal is a good choice friendly.

Since the dress is simple and black, go with the shoes that have a visual interest, contrast, or information compiled. black shoes are fairly predictable, so consider shoes in another color than black - adds a nice contrast.


Add a small clutch or handbag. A major stock markets work for casual wear, while a clutch single working color in a dazzling dress for more formal events.

Pair your dress with a bag of sequins and shoes straps for a night.

If you opt for shoes with a contrasting color than black, try to choose a bag takes the color of the skin. They must be accurate, but at least somewhat in harmony.


A belt creates attaches great importance and the interest of a simple black dress.

The belt around his waist, or worn loosely around the hips can change the appearance required. The strip can also change the whole shape of the dress.

You can also place the belt a few inches below the breasts. A belt gives the illusion a large bust, and gives the illusion of a different target = "_blank" title = "# http://www.ehow.com/how_4422142_spice-up-plain-black-dress.html"> body.

Instead of having only possibility to use a regular belt, silk or velvet ribbon also work well to instead of the belt.

Inspiration can be found in the hallway of the strip in the local craft store. Broadband thin ribbon the solid model, a ribbon belt is a great way to wear a black dress.

Consider a colored belt and matching colors perfectly with the shoes.


Scarves are an excellent way to spice up a plain black dress. A light scarf can be used for one season at the focus of a suit. There are dozens of ways to tie a scarf, and most fabrics can be used in the head, neck, shoulders and around the waist

A beautiful shawl sheer will look great if you using a spaghetti strap bustier dress. Not only the decoration of another plain dress, but also keep you a little more heat if the weather is cold.

a matching dress color pashmina is the perfect way to dress. This works best with dresses that are cut straight across the chest, or strapless. A pashmina any color can work, even in summer, because it can be covered freely on the shoulders of summer nights on the patio.

Add a beautiful scarf in a fun color to match the color of these shoes and bracelets.


Create serious look with the black dress that partnership with a jacket and a structured bag.

Add a layer of zebra print paired with a red bag leather boots and sexy for a wild night.

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