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Why not disapprove PPL skins, but no leather or other animal products?

So for years and years of PPL have become against fur and leather garments in large part to the coats of animals. I agree with him either. Recently, however, IV began to wonder why society allows the use of leather and other animal products? Good times "real fur and veal clothing abroad is not only popular hairy there anymore ... crocodile, zebra skin, and iv into account the new thing to have the skin of the eel. It looks and behaves exactly like good old artificial skin, but still have that desire to own a piece of a dead animal? u How to think about these things?

Attacks on the rich is always popular. The skin is considered a luxury item, therefore, the shallow and simple mind can feel good about themselves by skin to tell people how rich it is immoral to use fur.

The process of Ugg boots

As we all know, UGG boots are made of sheepskin, warm us and compliance in the winter. Have you thought about time in the manufacture of Ugg boots? Otherwise, this text shows to help you learn more about your favorite UGG.

Step 1: Tan.
Sheepskin must be stored for long periods before being taken to the boots. The larger vessels of 3,000 to 15,000 liters of water Salt is everywhere used for tanning. Skins SWiSH slowly inside. It's all a long-term about 10 days until the skins are tanned quite rightly that it is ready to be cut for Ugg boots.
Let's pay attention to their detailed process which has 7 sides. The first part is called soaking. Rinse skin in a bath of cold water to remove salt or dirt on unnecessary, which lasts about 16 hours and it is suggested that throughout the night.

The second part is called Fleshing it is important for subsequent processes, such as rapid and complete penetration of chemicals. This step is entirely mechanical. Fleshing Machine Clean superfluous fat and muscle tissue no sheepskin interior. There is no doubt that guarantees comfort and health in the boot disk. Most important is the pickling and tanning stages of the afternoon.
The third part deals with a scene of washing should be more professional in their process. Surfactants at high temperature (about 38 degrees Celsius) to purify the earth and lanolin from sheep's skin completely.
The fourth part deals with stripping that takes about 16 hours. It is essential in acid solution and salt on the skin of sheep by the soaking. Salt can be regarded as a great wizard in preventing swelling of the sheepskin by acid. Workers must ensure that lower the pH of the sheepskin of between 2.8 and 3.0 which is useful for tanning agent to penetrate skin.

Tan is now the fifth that must be used with care, especially care of the required temperature. The addition of chromium salts is essential in the formation of collagen cross-linking is useful to stabilizing the structure of skin, preventing putrefaction putrefaction. Once tanning agent penetrates the skin, stop the process at a time. Use baking soda and warm sheepskin to 35-40 degrees Celsius. Are you interested in what UGG boots are suitable for each season? Here is the answer. This process is performed at a temperature around 25 degrees Celsius. Because the temperature of contraction in sheep's clothing, can be increased to 60-100 ° C in the future.
The sixth part deals with sheepskin dyed. To be honest, this is one step can be seen on his behalf. However, it is difficult to capture the temperature made. 60-65 degrees Celsius, then it is necessary to dye. Pelt reserve agents must be added to maintain color stale. After that, add the liquid fat to help lubricate the collagen fibers that allows them to move with greater flexibility. Have you found the answer why it feels so soft skin and soft now?

The seventh part is easy, however, has several stages. Forced air dryers are required drying of the skin. Either a white spirit or perchloroehtylene is used in dyeing.
Step 2: Finish.
The last game ends after the skins can be used for Ugg boots. Condition about skin 20% moisture content to ensure it becomes smooth and elastic. Furthermore, a piece of interior sheepskin adds to the skin explains boots sheepskin double face style. You'll never see the poor quality of Ugg boots because his sheepskin has been adjusted by an iron to remove the natural crimp.
Step 3: Produce.
Types of individual panels are cut from skins are sewn with industrial machinery. The soles are glued to the top boot. Now you can buy!
UGG caused average tide and become a huge craze. Enjoying your convenience please!

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