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My sister goes to college?

My sister and I are very very very close. We tell all. It is going to college soon. I want to do something for it before leaving. I want more is not a sentimental gift a gift card or something. But I'm running out of ideas .. Does anyone have any idea? (I do not really I make a record ..)

What I did for my sister when I was done as a way supply kit "where I did one of those fleece blankets nice when cut the ends of two and tie them together, framed some pictures of us and the beautiful family over the years, and I gave her as small bulbs enjoyed in the chain around of the room, and a CD of songs that were a joke years ago. She really loved and found it comforting and useful. Be creative!

Christmas Scrapbooking: Some Tips and Tricks

Interested in starting a family album for Christmas, but have no idea how and where to start? Well, you've come to the right of the article, and "x" actually means the place for information on scrapbooking ideas designed Christmas Working to save time, trouble and money. Read and be inspired.

Choose a theme and stick to it.

It may take time to conceptualize exactly where you want, but it is one of the measures that all Operation is based on scrapbooking Christmas. Determine its content, direction and outcome. So choose carefully and attentively, as Christmas scrapbooking idea that is saved may be yours. Changing themes for your Christmas scrapbooking has the same result as Abraham Lincoln said about "change horses midstream."

Collect material that reflects the theme of your album Christmas scrapbook.

Remember that something is happening, and the world is their source of material for your Christmas album. Consider all types of paper ephemera, ie, maps, newspaper clippings, letters, lists of all kinds, tickets for performances, cartoons and other devices in the physical life of the subject or subjects of your book Christmas. Consider stuffing everything into a big basket up you can sort through everything and refine your selection.

Remember that special in the mundane.

Life is simple and many as you want to capture the passion that reflect the theme of your Christmas album. daily photos are as important as commemorate important events. Take pictures in all there are plenty to choose from. Even a Christmas album may contain a memory of the summer if it is relevant to the topic presented his idea scrapbooking Christmas.

Design each page as a complete story in itself.

You can use techniques creative design such as perforating, punch and the art of ink and simple colors to differentiate your album pages and ensure that Christmas alone. Create a title for each page and display everything, with a title for each article to see what's on your Christmas book before pasting any low. Balance your photos and captions first, then decide which technique will increase this single page. Remember also that each inch of space on a page of their book filled Christmas. A small space between the pictures and captions is a good thing as Martha Stewart would say (and probably still does).

Display your photos with pride that the scrapbooking Christmas.

The photos are at the heart of most albums and visualization techniques can provide a unique touch to your scrapbooking Christmas holidays. Some thoughts in this regard could be: old photo corners of fashion, shooting mats scrapbooking Christmas colors to adjust the images on white paper and clipping pictures (cut back). This technique that works best with the whole-body imaging.

Capture the unique qualities and specific to your notebook's Christmas family.

One way to do is to find quotes, stories, jokes and cartoons that deal specifically with scrapbooking family Christmas. The additional support that you take in the selection of these items can not fail to show in the final presentation of your product scrapbooking Christmas. Also Use markers to draw their own cartoons, family portraits and doodles, if they feel so inclined. Let your child dictate captions. They are sometimes Great Christmas scrapbooking ideas. Use your imagination with your Christmas book and create decorative borders with fingerprints fingerprints and impressions, even if you can find a way to handle it without ruining your carpet artistically. Have fun and let your inner child come out and play for a moment! That's what Christmas scrapbook it!

Go to imperfection.

If you are going to see their children participate in Scrapbooking Christmas will put aside the idea that the results will be perfect (whatever that is). Leave masterpieces by people like Michelangelo. (The Christmas album includes exceeding the limits anyway.) Decide to conduct the project with all the children by putting in your two cents.

Buy products from the highest quality that will last.

What is the effort behind your Christmas album that will touch the heart of the recipient. Spend a little more to turn your idea into a heritage scrapbook Christmas that will stand the test of time. Make sure to buy your newspapers are free scrapbooking Christmas plant component, lignin, making the fabric and color photos to take. Should say "lignin" on the packaging. So far, this document, the purchase of 12 x 12 inch Acid free pages value of 100 books in several colors, and laminated pre-cut holes on the edges. While in the store, the stock on bookmarks free acid and double-sided adhesive tape, rubber stamps and pads, glue sticks, tape and scissors around photos or pinking other "crazy" to do the scissors decorative borders.

Enjoy guided only by your imagination. Things may be different from those initially planned, but that only proves that art imitates life. The most important thing is to have fun while working on your project scrapbook Christmas. You are sure to look back with love and pride that you pass this new family relic for future generations. It is a legacy and a Christmas gift that stand the test of time!

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