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Im looking for an older fabric that I had a nightgown/dress made out of when i was little?

I believe it was a 'lawn' fabric...white background with blue...could have been castles and maybe a little purple and green in there for flowers and vines it reminded me of the blue and white china plates.
I dont think my mom ever took a pic of me in this dress so I don't know what exactly the print was. where can i find specific fabrics online? can people please post links to online shops with vintage fabrics?
gift packaging

white with a light blue...vaguely similar the the fabric in the lower left
Thanks so very much Kay!

Chances are that you'll ever find that particular print again are minimal, but there are similar prints on lawn made today. Try searching "heirloom sewing" -- places like or

Liberty's tana lawn is glorious, but pretty expensive. It's also the company most likely to have kept a pattern.

And yes, it makes scrumptious summer nightgowns.


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