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What brand is this hoodie, light blue, Hamish Blake is wearing?

Does anyone know what brand of hoodie light blue - NO ITS Australia!: "Industry - Quicksilver Billabong Cotton Mossimo not give me suggestions. Someone knows the'????? mark

The image has helped. Unfortunately Areches Beufort (which said the sweatshirt) is a ski resort in France, and the only way to contact their property is to visit tracks. Sad

Volkswagen Bluemotion, a green tint of Blue

For years, the Chelsea fans have known that "Blue is the color." If Why did it take Volkswagen so long to cotton? Bluemotion models using current technology, Volkswagen has developed and launched most of its area, providing an alternative Economic lovers of trees and polar bears. Boost their green credentials is clearly a win win for the German car manufacturer. But why if it is to use existing technology, is not already implemented in all cars produced?

Models have already undergone the treatment includes the Polo BlueMotion, Golf, Golf Plus, Jetta, Passat sedan, Passat Variant and Touran. aero, lowered suspension, redesigned grille, and gears, tires tires with low rolling resistance and a shift indicator for optimum fuel economy and help Bluemotion to make models more frugal, and therefore more economical cars in the Volkswagen range. So if you need to improve efficiency all energy is taken here and there, why do not all manufacturers to do the same?

It is immediately understandable Some sacrifices must be made to produce a car that is aerodynamically efficient and aesthetic as possible, but looking at the models that have been subjected to this treatment, it is extremely difficult to detect exactly what those changes. It's not like the front of cars now have a resemblance striking with a dolphin. These changes must surely be in the range of all cars, not only in cars that carry a premium, but small premium may be.

The reduction of the suspension also improves the aerodynamic efficiency. Formula One has known for years, but we mm we speak here not talking about having three-eighths of the protection of our layers Hardcourt homeless. Traffic calming measures may be somewhat more uncomfortable to negotiate, but again, it's probably something that can be implemented across the range.

A higher debt is probably one of the most sensitive when the difference has been detected. 0 to 60 and 0 to 100 times, of course, will be affected, but wait a second, when was the last time you saw a Volkswagen Polo on fire the Bonneville Salt Flats. Today most cars in the above cities is not ten miles an hour on the highway just to get up on a cruise and stay there. Is this a good thing if it was adopted for all car engines? Probably 99% of motorists would be very happy arrived 30 seconds later, knowing that the Penguins will have a place to live for years to come.

With little knowledge of vulcanization, apart from the fact that it was invented by Mr. Spock, with the handle death, it is time to turn to the tires with low rolling resistance. A method for reducing the resistance was achieved by tightening rubber compound. Even with limited knowledge, it is understandable that the conclusion of the adhesion is reduced when roads are wet or the tires are cold. To compensate for this, silicon has become the rubber compound. In fact, today, Most car tires have silica in its compounds and the less it is a big problem with the tires used in the range of Bluemotion (apparently not), it seems that these tires can be installed in the Most cars produced.

Last but not least important. A small light illuminates to tell you whether the car you're beaten to death and should really think about the practice of walking. Now, do not fall into one deafist, surely the engine starts to cry and try dislodge the piston breech, there must be a time when most people change gears before hatching the eardrum. However, this specialist few tricks you recommends changing speed at the point where they reach a maximum energy efficiency. Hmmm. A little light? It is likely that this can also be installed on all vehicles.

So, in summary, my hat Volkswagen production of a range of cars that make the difference. The only question now is why not use this existing technology in every vehicle in its range? The answer? Now they can accuse us of being greener and cleaner. As mentioned above. It's a win win for the German manufacturer.

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If you are looking for a new car make sure you look at the new Volkswagen Bluemotion range or other economical cars.


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