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Second only to the roses in his mystique, lilies have been cultivated for centuries in most parts of the world. China and Japan through the Asian Middle East and southern Europe, reaching North America, the genus Lilium has more than 100 natural species separately.

Today, however, hybrids of human origin are bringing even more variety in the kind of large. Higher than the first flowers garden, lilies in the brand new categories have been collected by the cut flower industry and become more readily available and increase production of producers. In addition, the lilies are becoming more and more from different sources at different levels of price and quality.

The Quality begins with Lily Bulb

Like other bulbs, lilies have long been considered a specialty Dutch producer and California. More recently, farmers in Costa Rica and Colombia have begun to produce good quality lily and lily first Holland and California, but better than in the past and relatively inexpensive. The result is a market at levels which, increasingly, of Lilies are bought and sold like commodities identified by the color and selected by others, while prices are identified by variety name and buy a bigger concern for value for money. For retail florists, some "products" might be a good buy lilies, based on the use to which they give.

Lilies are classified by number or a flower bud on each stem, starting with 1-2 buds and download 5-6. This system, however, gives only a rough indication of quality. Quality begins with lily bulb: more, ampoules of better quality more expensive to produce larger, higher quality, more expensive flowers. Then, of course, the care taken in read as they are grown and harvested influences longevity, color and condition of flowers and foliage. (South American lilies are generally grown in the field, while the Dutch and the lilies of California are more likely to have been protected in the controlled environment a greenhouse.)

The Dutch producer and exporter Hilverda de Boer, recently established a quality assurance program Call Seleccion Suprema, a brand that effort includes a handful of premium producers read Dutch. Part of the idea of a program like it is florists and encourage other buyers to know the different varieties and be more willing to try something different. Florists can buy a pink Stargazer or Starfighter East as Barbaresco or that some customers are familiar, but now have the opportunity to say "Look what just to read in a small dark pink Stargazer "or" Check out this beautiful white lily-called Eastern and Sapporo as the White House, but faces more upward, giving it a different look. "That's what makes the experts and gives customers another reason to come to a florist.

Interesting new varieties on the market are not only white and pink, which include such beauties as the dark drama of Sumatra purple or yellow and white Hybrid Conca D'Or. read Longiflorum or "Semana Santa" are available all year round in the selection of a color other than white versatile. Iris on a branch or the habit of external growth, in particular, lend themselves to dramatic design and presentation of a species that operates a professional the ability of creative florist.

Lily Care Tips

  • Choose at least two stems with buds which show strong colors. When stems are harvested only green buds, flowers can not open or have a good flower color. Avoid stalks fully opened flowers and flowers easily injury during transport.
  • Lilies are sensitive to ethylene and should be treated with an inhibitor of ethylene.
  • Remove the bottom 1 inch of stem (oblique cut) and remove the lower half of the leaves. Place in a solution of warm water and flower food and the state at room temperature for several hours or until the expiration desired flower.
  • If you want to accelerate the opening of iris flowers, use a solution of hot food and flowers covered a plastic bag to maintain high humidity. Light (not sunlight) also appears to accelerate the process of opening and how to ensure a good color in the flowers.
  • Elimination of anthers carefully avoid pollen stains clothing or furniture.

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Authored by Bruce Wright of Flowers& Magazine a division of Teleflora Flowers


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