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Where I can find cute hoodies?

I'm looking for hooded sweaters with faux fur that is on the edge bell yannno, that if you use the hoodie, what kind of makes you look like a lion (: But I do not want anything too special, just a simple jacket with a zip and two pockets on the sides of the zipper. There are no buttons or anything .. Can someone please tell me websites that can have these? Thanks!

Suggest Hollister or Abercrombie and Fitch, it has a lot of tweed jackets, but they are expensive if: (I also would like to try pac Sun, 21, Old Navy and never simply type the name into google and you should go to the official website! and shop away!

Working with animals at home and abroad

Have you always believed that working with animals? If the answer is yes, then conversation Holiday pet may be just the thing for you. See a world away from your account, they walk by a game reserve and see elephants, roaming lions and giraffes stretch. But how can we measure whether or not this trip is for you? Simple - try with their pets at home.

Big Fish, Little Fish

If the idea of a journey of marine conservation in particular appeals to you, you can not be quite sure whether you prefer working with animals on land or on Mar. Why not know before you go, with the help of your goldfish. If it can not be able to get the tank with them as you can with tiger sharks Aliwal Shoal Marine Protected Areas in South Africa, you can interact with them by other means similar to those that would experience an internship in marine conservation. Take photos of your goldfish, and study of its brands to see if and how they change over time. Then watch their swimming patterns and the depth at which tend to swim try to better understand their behavior. Finally, keep a regular check on water temperature and pH levels. These are all things you would do in travel marine conservation, but to a much larger scale and more exciting. If you enjoy working with your goldfish, then you will find working with tigers sharks in a challenging and rewarding experience.

Feline Fascination

cat lovers looking for a holiday conservation must look beyond the Hoedspruit Cheetah Project, based in the Limpopo Province, South Africa. Working with animals how do you make me see the cats with a new respect, but can be acclimated to working with the cats in advance, with its own Kitty. All those who have already had a cat knows how difficult it is for them to come in cat carrier. In a volunteer placement, you can get the opportunity to assist in the capture of cheetahs in case of need by the temple, but not exactly the same game as they play with their own cat, a bit of practice is better than no practice. You also have the opportunity to feed these magnificent cats, something definitely his own cat likes to work on! Finally, there may be an opportunity to help hand-rearing of animals, so snuggle on the couch with her pussy and practice of feeding them milk from a bottle and brushing your skin. Cats you will work with South Africa can not be tamed, but you can bet will be so cute.

How does your garden grow?

In your garden will become a little jungle in the winter months? Enjoy this opportunity to start taking care of her, and measure what is your interest in habitat and plant conservation. In addition to working with animals in the reserves of South Africa game, you can do useful work in protecting the habitat that we live in a selective removal of brush, pest control and soil erosion control are all things you can try in your own backyard, before their implementation in nature. If you really wanted to be ready, you can even try to manage their own experience guided by nature in your garden, test your skills on the field orientation from the beginning.

If after all this practice, which remains as the idea of working with animals and a wildlife conservation holiday will be an ideal opportunity for you to participate in an experience that will change your life but the lives of animals to help. Make sure you find someone to feed the goldfish and care for the cat before leaving.


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