Lion Moonlight Mohair

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What is a good substitute for the Moonlight Mohair?

I love this jersey on the basis of "Moonlight Mohair" from Lion Brand Co., but is much too expensive. What would be a reasonable substitute? The access model is in a magazine and I have a scanner. I thought all the voluminous (5) son should work, I wondered what would be similar to the appearance of Mohair "Moonlight Mohair" son. Link, good prices, but will not deliver to Canada = (

You have not provided a link to the model of extraction, it is difficult to suggest a substitute that works well with this particular model. In general, light of the moon Mohair is a bulky Category 5 or child. Each child is a child in class 5 should make the same point size. However, Moonlight Mohair is difficult to reproduce all features. On the one hand, a son who is a bit heavy chain of mohair and a chapter in the light of a bright material. There is also a red thread. I love to winter jackets - that looks unique and keeps the wearer warm. She knits so quickly. If suggested "retail price" that is the problem, you can check with your local craft store see if it will be a selling feature in the near future or if you can buy in a store that regularly coupons available. Or if You Are satisfied limited supply of color, you can try this online retailer: . The disadvantage of buying this online retailer is that their minimum order is $ 50 plus shipping of $ 12.95. Most people I know combined orders to make at least $ 50. Added: MAIN for the transfer of the continental U.S. only. After sending an expedition to someone who could return Canada would receive back to the "oh, yes!" level, I suppose. If all you want is the look of mohair or angora, Lion Brand "Jiffy" le given that, for much less money. Patons "Divine", mostly Acrylic is much softer, but you may not like the look. The child that I have what During this almost "Moonlight Mohair" in the texture and the effect of Karabel "Piuma Gold" ($ 21.95/50 g) and Prisma "things" (Command Wild cool, good stuff - $ 92 / 300 yards). Berrocosa of Memories "might work ($ 10/50 g). Apparently, Lion Brand is trying to compete with the design "" Son of "cheap" ends when they have developed "Moonlight Mohair." Honestly, if you like the sweater design is not son cheaper knitting gauge. In my case, I fell in love with her son and then looked at usage patterns, at best, and not vice versa. You may want to buy skeins and knit a necklace or a scarf to see if you think the effect you get is a good investment before investing in More Than a sweater.


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