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Lisa Frank lunchbox?

Does anyone know where I can find a Lisa Frank lunchbox, I looked online but I can not find. Does anyone know where I can find a Lisa Frank lunchbox, I want a real Luch box, like a square, if you know the stores or websites that would be great.

Boston Marathon 2009 - At last click, the riders born in the United States of Africa is a notch against the winners

Copyright © 2009 Ed Bagley

The American marketing nightmare that is the Boston Marathon will not disappear, but at least two athletes from the United States gave us a glimmer of hope that we can in the course of the 21st century to win the race that we belong.

Two world class athletes in Africa, a man and an Ethiopian woman in Kenya, once again swept the titles at the 2009 Boston Marathon on Monday (4-20-09). Their names, derives Merga (male) and Salina Kosgei and Origin ethnicity do not contribute to their popularity or marketing in the U.S. despite its world-class performance.

It is difficult or impossible to realize the potential market for world-class foreign athletes on American soil. No matter how much they earn or the number of files they set. Nobody in America seems to care.

Imagine a Nike ad that says: "Just Do It Like Kebede, Cheruiyot, Asfaw Kiogora and Cherigat." Not exactly household names recognizable to millions of Americans. Now, they say: "Just Do It, like Bill Rodgers and Frank Shorter." A world of difference and this is the point.

Bill and Shorter Frank Rodgers, literally, to walk the running boom in America 1970. Shorter won the marathon at the Munich Olympics in 1972 and was runner-up in the Montreal Olympics in 1976. Bill Rodgers won the Boston Marathon and NYC Marathon 4 each between 1975 and 1980. Joan Benoit Samuelson won the marathon at the Olympic Games in Los Angeles in 1984.

Marketing Rodgers and Benoit economic boom in the United States and operates billion in revenue while creating new markets and products along the road. Rodgers was born in Connecticut, Maine Benoit.

The demise of American distance runners States who can win events organization was horrible world in recent years. We do not even know that a team of long distance running the 2008 Olympic Games Beijing. We had only 1 athlete Shalane Flanagan, who thought he could win, and came home with a bronze medal. United have won only 1 of 32 possible medals in the events of 800 meters to the marathon.

Increasing African domination in the Boston Marathon has been nothing less than dazzling, especially among men. Kenyans have won the Boston Marathon 16 times over the past 19 years shooting 2 winners of Ethiopia and Africans have won the Boston Marathon 18 times in the past 19 years. The only winner, non-Africans in the past 19 years? Korea Era South.

If you do not think it's a disaster for Latin America feel, you know nothing about the performance or history of race in America. It seems that the big running boom in America has been hampered by too much success and money, in other words, we've gone soft.

We have once dominated the Boston Marathon. Since it was founded in 1897 to 1945, riders born in America won the race 34 of 49 times (69%). Meanwhile, Clarence DeMar won 7 times and beat the record 4 times on the ground, and the Americans have won 10 years consecutive from 1916 to 1925.

African runners who came to America to run road races over the last twenty years have been ravaged by poverty and hunger. They returned home as heroes and millionaires. " Always appear hungry and do not show signs of slowdown This means that U.S. drivers are better than the top or Move all the races they want in their rear. There is a reason why every Husky in the Iditarod dog sled dog race will be the leader of the pack.

And now, the American-born runners Kara Goucher and Ryan Hall have finally begun believe they can win the Boston Marathon. We know this because Goucher finished 3rd in the Marathon this year 113 women in Boston 2:32.25 mark, just 9 seconds behind the winner. If she could not find 10 seconds to 26 + miles, would have won this year's Boston Marathon.

Goucher Ran 24 miles in 5:09 and led the race for half an hour, but was cut just at the end of a great dream. It is only his second marathon. She arrived and now must train harder and harder to win in Boston. Goucher is coached by Alberto Salazar, who won record 1982 Boston Marathon route 2:08.52. God bless Kara Goucher, we do a lot of winners in the U.S. recently.

Hall also finished 3rd in his career. He scored 2:09.40, nearly a minute (58 seconds) behind the winner, but definitely improves and maintains stick long enough to be worrisome to some other riders.

Kenyan Robert Cheruiyot (something like cherry-OTT), which won the race in the last 3 years, finished 5th behind the Hall, there is little hope for the Americans.

Maybe 3 wins Boston and pockets full of money at stake Cheruiyot, who is considered rich beyond Kenya. It may be much more money in Kenya Cheruiyot but not many could match his fame and popularity.

In a note, 45 Colleen De Reucker teachers rider finished 8th among women. It was In an incredible race of Reucker. The bad news is that its world-class competitors were young enough to their daughters, the good news is that they were not young enough to be his granddaughters. Greetings From Colleen Reucker heart.

Although things are looking Boston-born runners U.S. will not come until the Americans once again winning both races. The last American man or woman, to win the Boston Marathon has been Lisa Larsen Weidenbach in 1985 and was its debut in Boston. I think it began in 1991 that the prize money. The winner of this year won a check for $ 150,000.

The Boston Marathon last saw the Americans win both races in 1983, when Greg Meyer won in 2:09.00 and Joan Benoit (sound familiar?) won in 2:22.43, setting a world record in the marathon, not only, but a record. It was the victory in Boston Benoit 2nd after winning for the first time in 1979.

As they say in the Sahara in Africa, which covers 3.5 million square miles and ranks as the largest desert in the world is a long time through the desert and has been a long time between rains.

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