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What are the sites I can find Japanese legends, myths, history, etc..?

I'm going to Japan this summer and wanted to update the story a little. Links would be very useful! Thanks!

Here are some sites that might be useful: http://japanese Hope you have a great time!

A little history, a little relaxation

During the heat of the civil war in 1862, commander of the Union general Ambrose E. Burnside 's North Carolina, hit some resistance. The last bastion of Confederate strength resided with Fort Macon, a brick and the stone arch, erected on the banks of the Bogue, the housing 400 soldiers who refused to surrender. Fort Macon fell to non-unionized bombed the seat for 11 hours heavily armed gunboats in the Wed

Today, this history can be strongly imagined walking around Fort Macon restored the walls, still standing proudly on Beach Atlantic Coast. The value has changed a bit, as artillery explosions on warships were replaced by the laughter of children and families picnic in the surf virgin. Today, Fort Macon State Park is one of tourist destinations most popular in North Carolina, bringing to nearly 1.3 million visitors a year. The area has a multitude of activities for families and couples relax on the beach, explore the history, through the unspoiled natural beauty of Atlantic Beach. Fort Macon Park offers visitors soundside two towers and Surf fishing, nature trails, ranger tours, swimming area protected and a refreshment bar, all without charge.

Recently I had the opportunity to experience Fort Macon during his visit to the seaside town of Atlantic Beach, one of the small, picturesque communities located Crystal Coast along. My wife and I had a wonderful weekend there, spend our first day exploring the fort and the second at the beach relaxing. We live in Greensboro and has decided that the current economic situation calls for more affordable vacation this year somewhere in the conduct distance.

Find a Hotel "> Atlantic Beach Hotel was fairly easy and painless. We stayed at Peppertree Atlantic Beach, Surfside a beautiful oasis with the best services, we could find through a deep discount website called Holiday To receive the discount we were asked to tour aa timeshare Peppertree, it was harmless and very informative on the benefits of vacation property. Besides the presentation off, which cost $ 99 for 2 nights, all that happened was about $ 50 in gasoline and 25 $ In a seafood restaurant near the beautiful resort (a total of 175 million total rupture).

In the past, we went on holiday exotic places (in some very exotic prices). In short, I think mixing a little history with relaxation is a great way to escape the daily routine. It is somewhat comforting to explore places that have a history as places that have resisted for so long against the forces of man and nature.

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