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What do you get a little girl who has everthing?

My boyfriend's little sister's birthday is soon. She is turning 11 and the problem is the girl already has everything she wants!
I was going to take her shopping and let her pick some clothes for herself but two other relatives are already doing that.
She's too old for toys and clothes wise she already has alot.
Any ideas for the little girl that has everything?

Money not a lot but enough to spend on what she wants thats what i would get her or some cute earrings

How to Choose the Perfect Little Girl Gift

We all have a girly girl in our life. The one who loves everything pink and wants to be treated like a queen! Sometimes it's hard to know what such a little girl would like as a gift. The following is a list of popular children's item, your little princess will adore.

1. The quintessential pink frilly dress. Your child will feel lovely and beautiful in a fancy gown purchased with love by you. She can twirl, dance and go to fancy birthday parties or events in her pretty dress. Make sure it ties in the back to fit a variety of shapes and sizes. Great for ages 2-10. A great place to buy frilly dresses is on ebay or Target. No dry clean only! Dry-cleaning for children is a mom's worst nightmare.

2. An American Girl doll. Usually girls aged 5-14 will take care of them better than younger children. An American Girl doll will be a lasting gift that she will play with and love and maybe even pass down to her own children some day. If budget allows, you can buy the doll and the child a matching outfit to make your gift the favorite of the party!

3. A princess costume. Little girls love princesses from Cinderella to Snow White. You can find them in a variety of sizes from infant to size 10. If you are looking for one a little larger, there are stores that sell adult princess costumes that will fit older girls, teenagers or adults. Don't forget the accessories to complete the outfit! It is best to find quality costumes that are made to last and that are machine washable. You could even get her a princess costume that matches her American Girl dress.

4. A gift certificate to attend a special lunch with you. Your loved one will feel like a princess when she gets special treatment and attention by you. You could make a date to take her to a fancy restaurant or just to your local fast food joint. What if you both dressed up for the occasion to make her feel extra special?

This list should give you some ideas of what to get for your difficult to shop for little girl!

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Shelby Strong is an at home mom of 3 kids. She enjoys running an online store called My Cute Dressups where she sells Cinderella Dresses, and other princess costumes like Sleeping Beauty dresses, Snow White costumes, princess accessories, boy costumes and more.


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