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I need more things to do at home to take care suggestions please?

I live on an island. Love to scrap - reservation, but all my friends have left undone, which left the region so that more workshops will not, in fact, I'm not out to take pictures not me. I'm not enough well for everything else. I strive to do my own thing. I DVD, but you can see both, even with the computer and nothing else. I'm not good enough persons or eggs to know someone. I spend much time resting and sleeping as if nothing to see and feel its waste of time.

Clean your house. Sweep the beach. Idk. I'm not Jesus.

Transform your public speaking $ $ $ s

The fear of public speaking is often ranked No. 1 fear, high "fear of death. "Some are in agreement - or to say that most people agree - that creates this aura all of being something special" if you have the courage to stand before a crowd and speak.

Let's face it, there are hundreds of thousands of us out there who love public speaking. Toastmasters International are the only members of more than 100,000 and many of them are great speakers, then there are all the speakers who volunteer their services for a good cause ... and many speakers who speak when they can, but it may have nothing to say ... and do not forget the hundreds of thousands of people who do for a living: the workshop presenters, speakers, seminar leaders, entrepreneurs who sell information from the scene ...

If you are afraid of speaking in public but who have a desire to share life-changing information with others, or perhaps a hobby you think of other interests, or you like something and want to share their passion with others, public speaking is the best place ... better to write a book (if you also take into account: + From public speaking publishing a book on the subject of his speech success = More).

Companies spend billions of dollars in speakers a variety of subjects:

- Teaming

Management Stress -

- Dealing with Difficult People

- Improve Performance

- Improving the performance of managers "

- Improve the effectiveness of teams

- Coaching Skills Training

Conflict management -

- And a myriad of other topics ...

If you do a search on "speaker", "speaker" or other keywords therefore, you will get tens of thousands or shock ...

Do you have a question that is believed to sell?

Of course, the market Business is one of the markets. There are associations and other groups out there who pay the speakers, then, of course, the seminar is "Public" or a workshop ...

Perhaps you have developed techniques of parenting that parents of other benefit of, or lose weight in a super-efficient, or how companies can benefit from the use of social media ... you can any number of topics that could talk ...

All we need now is a room, a public and a little promotion ...

Cheap hotels often have meeting rooms, or you can try to use one of its community room (perhaps free). House is still available - the question is always "can I find a free, or if you want to pay for a more elegant another project professionalism? "

Hold your horses!

Only with a good topic and a bedroom, actually not enough ... and perhaps for some, just ....

You must carefully plan the workshop:

- How long will your presentation?

- At what time of day should make the presentation?

- What should I wear?

- What issues does it cover? (Make sure you do not want to get rid of any your audience in a short period of time - which is always a good idea to cover 3 to 10 points higher, then leaving them wanting more ... and this you can sell your book, pamphlet, a coaching service, CD audio, DVD, or whatever you may need to have the audience after your presentation)

- You develop an excellent introduction - for example, the opening of a history of smoothing on your topic? Or simply say: "Hi, I'm Joe Blow and I will talk today about how they grow the tulips "(none of them is really bad - but it is a good introduction and closing great what separates the great speakers speakers mediocre - Well ... OK, great content and make a difference, but it is the opening, or clings the audience or make them feel like "Ok, here is another boring speech")

- PowerPoint opportunity?

- Will you have brochures? (I think in the brochures - it forces you to organize the various points that are easy to follow, and leaves the audience with something they can take at home .. I hope that with your website address on this + a call to register for an offer that you have on your site

- I am in contact with the public, or going to speak for the time they are together (in my opinion, love interacting with the audience - the activities group love, or whatever makes them feel part of the experience ... often just sit and listen, even with the most exciting the day - you can get stressful for many people)

Once you have thought in the points above some of you are ready to crankin '...

The fact is, public speaking, in the format, or the workshop can be great answer - Emotionally and financially (and is about the opening, for some, but for me it's a little scary, but once I have all the delivery thereof). That's great to feel that you have helped people significantly, and it is good to have money at the end of the day. Think about it, if you have 30 participants $ 97, which is nearly $ 3,000 for a few hours (of course, adjust working hours in anticipation of this, and its printing costs brochure rent, and maybe you've invested in some equipment, but once you have a program, you can give again and again, often in organizations where Your only expense is gas to get to the airport).

So what do you think? Are you ready to make some $ $ $ s for his skills in public speaking?

If you do not have a theme, or if you're impatient and want to start immediately, there are many vendors selling ready to go to workshops, please contact:

- Icebreaker,

- Intros large and closures

- Large interactive activities

- Customizable, a PowerPoint slide show of professional

- Brochures designed by professionals (you can do in training brochures)

content - and best of all, a great

See a resource for professional workshops in a box "

Do you have any questions or comments? Visit http://www.PaidSpeaker.TV and voice any questions or concerns you have about public ...

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