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That would look good in this .......?

I really need a new school bag, and should be the one to use at home too .... I found Eastpak normal this bag that I like ... http://www.grindstore.com/bagsandbackpacks/eastpak/eastpak-padded-pak-r-black_12889.html "That the well-padded, and the other,,, http://www. I'm not grindstore.com/bagsandbackpacks/eastpak/eastpak-orbit-black_16418.html it would be better. I also want to decorate the bag with bows, pins, plaques, badges, etc. What better group to inspect the bag? How I can hide the logo of Eastpak, because I think O_o ugle (patch) Thanks!

Hey! Well two bags look beautiful (I think) to choose the one you think will be most comfortable for you. As for the badges, just as you would put on a cheese pizza --- because the stock market is black and therefore has a simple design, everything look great and pop. And the logo is just a patch large enough to cover it, maybe a patch your fav. band / musician or just something that "seems" to you. Well, I hope that all ... Good luck decorating ~!;]]

Services Digital image processing

Our strength in providing solutions for the digital processing of the image as image masking image retouching, back ground cleaning and cloning, restoring sharpness and color, all this due to our vast experience. Our team of highly qualified and experienced is the image and the processing requirements of the photo of our customers. A mechanism of quality control ensures the house value and offers the perfect job. Our team can offer their work at night or in work so limited in time regardless size.

We also offer an excellent analysis of the images in a format of your choice as an Excel spreadsheet or a database of your choice. Our quality standards ensure the exceptional image capture, the key image and the image storage and retrieval. We have many tools to manage the conversion of image data and scanned images data entry is updated as main outsourced service.

Our services mainly include:

1. Photo Restoration

2. photo enhancement

3. photo editor

4. Vector Conversion

5. Web Design

Photo Processing Services: -

Our Photo processing services includes advanced image / Clippings, balancing brightness / contrast in an image, repair of minor scratches, creases, dust and minor spotting removing scratches cracks, creases and stains in all areas. We repair severely damaged or faded photographs and make it ready print.

1. Food Photography

We offer color restoration and photo, which is to color a black and white, restoring very old damaged photographs, which faded and creased with marks, stains, dust and scratches, etc., return to their state original.

Check out our portfolio of work Photo Restoration to get an idea about our Quality Photo Restoration Work.

2. Improvement photos

We offer photo enhancement, which is complex recreational areas, such as photo editing fields, faces, skins, objects, etc. as well as the prospect of color correction /. So I improve the color, the color balance is an important element. We offer this service mainly to modeling company, an advertising company and jewelry.

Start Improving our gallery of the portfolio of work to get an idea about our work improving the photo quality.

3. photo editor

We photo editing services is the removal of unwanted objects, the changing context, adding text, portrait effects, crystal effects, Masking, Clipping Path etc. Our clients come from sectors such as furniture, manufacturing, garment, crystallization, media, publishing, etc.

Visit our portfolio of work photo editor to get an idea of our photo editor quality work.

4. Vector Conversion

Convert any which logo, Artwork, Illustration, models, maps, signs, emblems, designs stickers, badges, plaques, photographs, race cars, paintings, caricatures and cartoons, etc. hand drawn vector image.

Check out our Vector Conversion Work Portfolio to get an idea the quality of our work to vector conversion.

5. Web Design

These special services are deigned full service web design SEO web design web sites, web design using CSS.

Visit our website design portfolio working to get an idea of the quality of our Web Design work.

Photo of leisure:

=> Old photos are in black and white can be color.

=> Photos with dull, dark or greatest risk can be properly adjusted to an extension.

=> Foto can even mix, add special effects and can create a photo card for different purposes, such as birthday card, wedding card, invitation cards and calendar.

Our processing capacity Photo

> = Masking images

=> Image Re-touching, cleaning and cloning

=> Delete unwanted objects, backgrounds, people, etc.

=> Colour of the person or object

=> Portraitize, idealize, add motion effects

=> Photo Restoration

=> Index, the key text in images

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About the Author

We offer complete image processing solutions and digital image processing services like photo restoration, photo enhancement, photo retouching, vector conversion and web design. Visit our site now to get the image processing solution.


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