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Where I can find the "American Girl" by the police?

I try to create an American Girl doll room for the daughter of a friend. She likes the logo painted on the wall. There is a very specific policy that the U.S. has, and I'm trying to reproduce exactly. I find the stickers or funds online desktop, but have not found. I even tried the police and searched sites "Police American Girl." Any suggestions on how I can find the specific font or logo on a fairly large large stencil on the wall? Thank you.

If all else fails try to pick an accessory American Girl (something cheap), then scan or take a picture of the logo area.

Bistro Tables: Why is everyone on aluminum

Aluminum tables - you've probably found everywhere: schools, bars, restaurants, bars and even. Aluminum tables seem to be the hottest item in the furniture market, and many will be wondering what makes aluminum tables compared with the irresistible charm iron, wood and plastic tables on the market. The answer to that found in three main aspects that make tables aluminum so popular today.

1. Durability

You've seen everything: broken wheels, legs moving, blocks, and many other issues that arise over time when using tables. Amortization tables tend to be cheaper and in less than two years to be disappeared. You may think, but what about aluminum tables? They use the same damping effect, but the design of tables aluminum is more flexible in the measure that allows the guards to remain for years to come. Privacy aluminum chair is easily removed, washed and can be changed to another throughout the year. Other materials have cushioning and integrated, and will get rid of the whole table.

Another aspect that makes aluminum tables so durable is its resistance to rust. Rust is an enemy number one for any one company specializing in customer service, because it involves the neglect and poor atmosphere. For those who have iron tables, we now know that their images are not respectful and each table will needs the rain from time to time, if they do not need one of these expensive oxidant for selling hundreds of dollars. Although aluminum rust iron tables will not last a year if left in a damp, because the reaction of water will create water or rust red pepper. effect of aluminum corrosion, but the product of aluminum oxide acts as a protective layer of the elimination of corrosion, making it one of the more permanent metal is used in the furniture market.

Looking at the boards, you will notice wood in the form of a layer of black or white, if they are not supported daily. This layer known as mold occurs if the table is exposed to water or moisture. This makes the wood, again, does not stand up to rain, humidity and other factors such as constant washing of the plant - something that all restaurants bistro to health on a daily basis. Aluminium, on the other hand, is resistant to mold any time.

Another question that arises from time to heat, especially for bars in sunny places, is that tables are often faded and dusty, even if they are old or dirty. This is a direct disadvantage of the use of wooden planks, and another point located on top of aluminum.

Vulnerability is one of the key issues to address when considering sustainability. How are sensitive to aluminum, wood and metal tables for the damage? Wood is rather weak when it comes to damage resistance, for wood is not very sustainable if it is one of the most expensive. Range iron tables in the middle, as many owners report that the curved iron can not be returned to the form completely. Aluminum is located as a principle when it comes to damage limitation, which is highly resistant to shock or seizures. Aluminum is expected to resist any argument between the local pub customers and for a period of events, riots and other unforeseen damage festivals.

2. Flexibility

Aluminum tables tend to be very flexible when used in a restaurant. Why are so flexible? For the same reason why airplanes are made of aluminum: weight. Aluminum is a light metal, unlike iron, which require a driver to move tables sometimes. Wooden tables and tables aluminum can be considered very flexible, however, wooden tables continue to weigh more heavily on international measures typical.

We Aluminium account to be versatile, which is more flexible in terms of re-decoration. You can add a lid on an aluminum table for a more formal, elegant eyes, or customize your restaurant needs. Although iron tables and wood can be covered for a formal event, it is difficult to add personalization them, as color wallpaper, stars, stickers, etc. bumpers can be easily removed from an aluminum surface, unlike other two, so the more people choose aluminum tables in bars that have monthly themes.

3. Cost

What images of aluminum and plastics have in common? Apart from the fact that both are light, aluminum tables and plastic tables are cheap on the market. The only difference is that the quality of a plastic table can be misleading at first sight, because they often become broken, bent, or turn yellow in the sun. Tables aluminum worth every penny you pay. iron tables, at least those do not look like a crime of design in manufacturing, it can cost an arm and a leg. advice mainly according to their origin, may be moderately priced budget or stab a man in the face.

Aluminum plates also give you the opportunity low price personalized decision. Most manufacturers of aluminum tables offer competitive rates for bulk commodities, so that the design of others, in accordance with the colors of the logo will become a tavern very feasible idea, unlike wood and iron. Not to mention the manufacturers of aluminum, all types of prints are now available and presented at a competitive price, while wood and iron manufacturers can cost you an arm and a leg for a custom engraving on each table or chair.

personnel managers coins aluminum dime a dozen and are available almost everywhere. This is due to that aluminum furniture team is much cheaper than steel and other materials. You can contact a group of builders before settling on one, you can find the best deal.

In summary, durability, flexibility and cost make aluminum an excellent choice for any owner a restaurant with their quality, weight and price.

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